Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The sleepover

No mood to blog already :( I purposely went home early after work yesterday to update my blog but stupic internet connection was down the whole night. I was so eager to upload all pics taken last camwhore weekend *sigh*

OK so now I'm sitting here in the office to blog (shhhh~) with all pics saved in my thumbdrive last night. With lotsa workload piling on top of my desk, I dunno where should I start blogging from. Nvm-lah, dateline still way far to go. Blog first.

Anyway, last weekend was a total camwhore weekend!

We're so colour coordinated! Whole day spent shopping, camwhoring and yakking all the way with Shin. From The Curve to One U and back to The Curve. We shopped so much; clothes, make-ups, shoes, and even groceries -__-

To make it short, letmi load some of my favourite shots first ;)

In Forever 21! Yala, we're forever 21 punya...

I love the yellow sundress so much!!!! But did not buy it as it's way too big for me and I'm not that hardworking to bring it for alteration. But tell me it's so be-au-ti-ful can die T__T


Love this white dress too, but again, it doesn't fit me well. And notice Shin's wearing my top!

To Shin -> No, I don't feel like selling it, yet :P

I felt like a mermaid, really ;) I love anything gingham but again, not my size again T_T I don't know why everything I spotted don't have my size..

And we bought 4 pairs of shoes that day T_T

From The Curve to One U, and we're back to The Curve again to meet up with ex-collegemates. We are such a camwhore queen omg, we camwhored so much in the washroom (washroom has best lighting, ever!) and we took like 1374684974520476 pics non-stop till someone walked in. Proven we still tau malu jugak-lah! T_T

In Apartment!

Best cake! It does look disgusting, like damn bloody right! But really nice la trust me. I forgot the name, something like Red Violet? Red... something-lah!

Those I used to hang out with during college time. OMG I suddenly felt we're all so old already!!! Everyone seemed to be like talking business here omg. And notice the table, no alcoholic drinks at all!! Only lemonade, mocha and ice lemon tea cos everyone wanna quite alcohol, and also wanna quit smoking! Which I doubt so, cos they were smoking non-stop -___- Gosh, I wonder when will be the time when everyone wanna quit icy cold drinks? -___-

All old already T_T

KK (far left) already got married last month.. Dylan (middle) also looked like uncle already T_T and Ram (far right) the one I knew since secondary now looked like Pak Ram T_T

But us girls are still young and crispy (pok pok choi wtf)! ;) Jen (far left) still looked as sweet and pretty as ever!

That night I sleptover in Shin's. We yakked and yakked till sunrises. Eh nolah, I think I slept around 3am and this girl told me she was awake the whole night. Crazy. We were supposed to sleep really early cos we have something BIG the next day.

UP NEXT - White angel aka black seraph!


YorkMei said...

i esp like the last pict, u 2 like those little kids rite, saying 'jie jie, lets be good fren ok ok...'...muahaha...:p

revel in me said...

Ya, I love the last pic! And I have the same black pumps with yellow buckle.. :D my my sister broke it already. :(

shin said...

damn fun wei... lets do it again sometime but of course we have to leave all credit cards, atm card at home and only hav enough cash to buy us roti.. really shop as if we plant money tree on my balcony..

leksw said...

ehh.. how come no more already? no more about that day's photography event? i want to see more pics ehh... faster~!!!

Esther said...

Wah.... shop till drop eh? Hehe.... How come only one picture posted about your photography session day? Can show us all or not? wanna see la....*excited*

jeepeng said...

"Pak Ram"!!!LOL good one!
AiyoYo~~i can't stop laughing~
help me~~~

c r y s t said...

yorkmei: haha the way you put it damn cute.. u wanna be good friends with me? *winkz**winkz* ;)

revel in me: but...but... u have too much shoes-lah!

shin: yala, u kept influencing me :( i'm so broke weii now.. this weekend another spree for us again.. dunno to be sad or happy.. HAHA

leksw: i wrote there "Up Next" d ler my sayang oii... haha btw it's gonna be up in seconds!

esther: babe will post it up in seconds! already drafted last night ;)

jeepeng: shhh~ don't tell him ok? he don't read my blog!! o_O

YorkMei said...

eh cryst sure sure...i can be a very goodddd fren okay...;p

jeepeng said...

okok....fingers crossed...shhh..