Wednesday, April 2, 2008

White angel aka black seraph

(BEWARE. Excessive photos ahead)

As mentioned earlier, we had something BIG. Shin and I went for photoshoot!

Same bunch of photographers I knew during Igloo's photoshoot 2 months back. I had another session with them ;) Yes, that's the advantage of having photographer friends.. I get to camwhore pretty pretty for free ;) *opps*

We woke up early like 2 hours before, gotta reach The Curve by 7am to meet up with them. Actually only myself woke up 2 hours earlier-lah, that piggy Shin started to get ready like an hour before -___- We drove all the way to Ara Damansara, 6 cars following one another. There were 6 great photographers on that day.

Upon reaching, I was actually walking around looking for something to tie on my wrist as Shin has her bracelet on. When I was about to pluck this lalang, they shouted "Stop! Don't move!". And so, I got this shot. HAHA!

Damn lonely right this lalang! Usually there gonna be whole bunch but this is like only 1 single stalk there. And I was pulling it so roughly -_- If you think this shot I wasn't rough enough...

I.just.pulled.out.the.whole.stalk.and.don't.I.looked.innocent? OMG.. why am I so rough..

Then, I continued my mission on getting something ie. flower, leaves, etc to tie on my wrist and when I bent down to pick the flower, again they shouted "STOP! Don't move!"

Are they not genius? HAHA I looked so natural in every shots cos it's something I was actually doing!

Trust me, we were just be the roadside..

Picked up a few little flowers that I intended to tie onto my wrist, and they saw, saying it's pretty, and asked my to blow.. T___T Gone with the wind...

I love this the most!!! ;)

Trust me, the first few shots were seriously that casual. I walked, stop, snap. Walked, stop, snap. Things started to get tough when we were asked to pose for real and when the sun's up high...

Check out Shin's ass yo! HAHAHA...

Damn Marilyn Monroe. I was flipping my dress non-stop like damn hiao for this shot.

They were saying this shot looks like Honda babe, but I think I looked kinda fat here..

Close-up shot. Don't I looked fierce? I think I really cannot act cool-lah! Cos I'll end up looking more to funny instead.. -_-

Candid shot. She looked SO cute here!! ;) Actually there're lots more of her drooling shots, but I think she's gonna kill me if I ever post them up.. hehe

Friends? Or rivalry?

Gweilo Frank who volunteered to be tortured. LOL He's so funny. When he introduced himself he was like "Hi! I'm Frank, or you can call me gweilo!"

Man-made wind.. but I looked damn refreshing ;)

This is more like us. Only managed to discover these bushes at the end of the day and I was so afraid of snakes and all creepy crawlies!! T_T It was so hot and we were all totally dehydrated. The shooting lasted for about 3-4 hours..

Behind the scene!

Bottom l-r: Ethan, Pak Fui, Frank, Pang, Eric
Top l-r: Shin, Denise, moi

They who made this session a success ;)

I prefer not so formal shot ;)

We proceeded for lunch (my brunch) right after and each of us gulped down at least 3 glasses of drinks each. Totally dehydrated.

And we're still having that camwhore fever! LOL

But this time, I was the photographer ;)

Notice the ah pek staring at me -___-

There're actually a lot more but I yet to collect the entire collection from them. Will be posting them up in my Multiply once I get and will link from here ;)


YorkMei said...

omg the shooting seems so time can u bring me along pls pls...*innocent eyes*

leksw said...

all pics looks nice!!! yea, you were very natural in most if the pics.. me like~!!! very pretty la you~!! =)

c r y s t said...

yorkmei: yaya it was fun especially with buncha crazy peeps! HAHA wan join me next round? (which i dunno when aso)

leksw: coz the photographers did not like force me to pose for a shot, it's sth i was actually doing. GASP!! sheau say me preeeeety!!!! o_O

esther said...

All pictures are nice...even the candid ones.... Look natural and young.... if you can change more outfits..that would be perfect....

Ps: I show the pictures to my colleague, she tot both you and shin are the model for online boutique...hehe....can consider it for 2nd career.....

shasha said...

argh..! :DD i love the flowers-being-blown-away pic!

c r y s t said...

esther: haha we shoot by the side of the road la, no place to change totally. but definately will bug them for another session again :P

but online boutique? why? cannot model for branded stuff arr? we don't look 'branded' enough arr? LOL

shasha: woman! i love that pic too! but if u see properly my eyes a bit cacat-ed thou.. HAHA!

Esther said...

Im not too sure either...when i show her, she was telling me that your white dress is nice....which online botique im surfing...hehe... u mean branded stuff like? Mayb u look young and suitable more for online boutique....which involves more young freshing looking girls....

c r y s t said...

esther: i was wearing shin's dress!! haha and she's wearing mine! and my baboobeep project has gone into drain T_T