Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There's new boutique in town!!!

Ok la, not VERY new, but it belongs to my proud friend's lovely bf. So 2 weeks ago, I went for a photoshooting session at his boutique. It took us damn long to fix an appointment as most of the weekends I won't be in town. After weeks and months of planning finally we set a date, but I almost ffk-ed her, sorry!

Read: Almost, but did not.

One of my favourite pic. It was a candid pic cos I'll never smile till THIS extend for photos.. My teeth damn crooked ok T_T

And omg why am I shooting with her... Anyway, this is my senior in high school, Chloe. And she's also Ms Msia Cosmo 2005 runner-up, and also a REAL model. I felt so degraded sitting beside her T_T

IGLOO's cny collection which I personally think I really don't look good in this. Haih, what to do.. my face can't simply go with anything :(

This is to prove we're this short beside Chloe. I wonder if tall people see things differently? Different perspective? hRm..

Me with my tai tai pose.. The waistbelt was damn tight ok I hardly can breathe T_T And worse, I felt like vomitting...

This is Sean's (owner of IGLOO) design. The apron dress is made of very comfy cotton and adjustable string, with two cute pockets. Utmost important is, only 1 piece available. And guess what's in my hands? ;) Colourful panties in cute tub!!! Selling at RM19 each.

The bf was there to accompany me the whole morning. The gf's glam moment wtf.

This is another IGLOO's own design. Silky mod dress with perfect colour combination of grey, white and red. Just perfect for CNY ;) But I did not buy.. they did not tell me they can gimme for free :P *hint**hint*

This is my most favourite shot of all. ;) I think this is more me.. and I'm being Cryst!

And the crew!

Special thanks to photographer Pak Fui, Sam, Eric, Denise and Wilson for all the perfect shots and wonderful time ;) It was indeed a great day for me - the self proclaimed camwhore queen.

Visit IGLOO boutique for festive wardrobe styles today! ;) Free publicity wtf..hehe

And *click here* for more photos..


Esther said...

Ada online booking for baju ar? can i buy any? got my size?

c r y s t said...

esther: their baju all free size, but i dun think they got online booking for baju wor.. spotted anything let me knw la, i'll check with them ;)