Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun in changing room

I'm such a shame T_T

Remember I blogged about my day being a so-called city girl 2 weeks back? And me being a total camwhore in one of the boutique in Damansara?? OMG I can't believe this.. the boutique owner stumble across my blog post and SHE SAW MY CAMWHORE SHOTS IN THE FITTING ROOM!!!!

And leads to this:

Clearer version:

"Customer having fun time shopping in our boutique" HAHA!
(yea, she grabbed that pic with my permission thou)

So now I'm a well-known fitting room camwhore already.. T_T Hope I don't get blacklisted in other boutiques though: "Eh! That camwhore is here! Keep an eye on her!"

But nothing's gonna stop my addiction, it's an addictive addiction wtf :P And I bought a few tops from Upstairs again the during the weekend ;)


shin said... malufy-ness.....shame shame.. this is what we called 'instant famous'...

YorkMei said...

wah not bad ma..this lady become famous day when u jadi camwhore superstar dont 4get me...;p

c r y s t said...

shin: haha instant famous wtf.. luckily your big face is there to accompany mee too :P teehee..

yorkmei: whOa camwhore superstar!! sounded like pornstar wtf -_-"

Just said...

auch malunya.......but funny la

c r y s t said...

just: yala, totally memalufyingkan ;( super camwhore dunno where to hide her face now...