Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5 shopping centers in a day!

White angel aka black seraph pictures are up on Multiply. *click*

Workload has been kinda heavy these few days. Perhaps PC Fair is coming soon so much preparation needs to be done on time. But time management wise, I've been smart enough to spare some time to browse through online boutiques and blogs as my daily mantra. And today initially I was supposed to drop by KLCC to get a pair of sandals for work but ended up with a bag. How la like that?!! T_T

Anyway, not been meeting the bf a lot recently. Probably like once every 2 weeks? Lots of last minutes stuff that made us postpone our pattor day.. days after days, weeks after weeks..

In Winter Warmer last Saturday!

I've been dying to try out this restaurant for ages! Each time I passed by I saw people gracefully sipping their English tea and all but we're just not tea kinda person, until last week, we decided to give it a try.

The bf's mixed fruit tea sth sth, with lots of tiny apple cubes. Oh, wait.. was that apple? I think so. I has blended fruit tea and in the end of the day, I've decided that I'll just stick to coffee -_-

Wide selection of teas for sale. And I learnt that raspberry tea is good for relieving period cramp ;) hmph, something useful... hehe

Check out my pretty top ;) I realized lately I have obsession on pleats. Give me anything pleated and I can exchange to you my life wtf. LOL

Shopping in IKEA ;) Tell you what, we're so great that day. From One U, we went to The Curve, then to IKEA, IOI and Mid Valley -____- In a day!

Actually we wanted to catch that Singaporean movie Ah Long Pte. Ltd. as many told us it's a movie not to be missed. But what the hell, tickets were all sold out in each and every cinema?!!! We ended up buying late night movie for Deadly Ghost.

Supper in Carl's Jr. before movie!! It's so fattening k? T_T We had BIG, juicy, delicious charbroiled burger. When I say BIG, I mean BIG, as in REAL BIG. We both shared a burger, Superstar sth..and there're still a lot of leftover..

We didn't know Deadly Ghost is a Thai movie. So Thai ghost equals complete horror T__T When the show started the bf was outside queuing for drinks. And I was sitting a.l.o.n.e. at the very corner of the cinema. T____T No one gonna understand how depressed I was at that moment, just wanted to grab my bag and run out T___T

The next day we joined his friends for K session. No, in case you're wondering, I don't sing.

Only him. (LOL sorry beep I love this photo too much that I must post up!! LOL)

And he improved his camwhoring skill so much lately *smooches* teehehee..

I just realized we took very little photos this year. No, next pattor session I'll make sure I fully utilized my memory card ;)

Love this shot ;) And I think it's time to trim my fringe already...


Esther said...

Wah wah wah....shoping queen....

c r y s t said...

esther: no no no jalan saja...din shop-lah! u tot i very rich arr!??

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