Monday, August 27, 2007

Some people are born brainless.

I really need a place to explode now.


What a horrible Monday to start my week.


Some IDIOTS are seriously uneducated. Oh, maybe they're just some asshole in disguise. I'm cursing you idiots to have bad bad bad luck everyday, every hour, every minute, every second from today onwards till end of this year (proven I'm not that bad afterall ok. I'm e-d-u-c-a-t-e-d).

SUEI KAO-KAO X10000000000000000000000

Just now I received a call from a f*cking rude customer who came shouting and swearing since beginning of the conversation. For goodness sake don't be such an idiot consumer alright?! Please know what you're buying and be more alert, bring along your f*cking brain and if you don't have one I just don't know what the f*cking shit do you have. Bought the wrong package, can't even differentiate alphabert 'O' and number '0' so what the hell are you calling me and shouted like a sakai? Owh, I pitied your mum ok.

Listen what people have to say and even if you're from the press, SO WHAT? Like I care??? Please don't repeat 12345678987654321 times "I'M FROM THE PRESS" ok cos I never ask and it is seriously NONE OF MY BUSINESS FROM WHICHEVER HELL YOU'RE FROM. Buying a PC and telling me you're from press are 2 different things ok. Please don't be a fool to yourself.


Worse still, minutes after the hell conversation, another call came in. Conversation was alright at first until I put him on hold to check on some information. I DID informed him "Can you please hold the line" ok.

When I picked up the phone, IDIOT him came shouting, "Can you tell me if you're gonna put me on hold? I tell you I really hate this and you're pissing me off!"


"I'm sorry sir, I actually DID informed you just now before I put you on hold..."

"No! I'm unhappy about that. I need you to apologize!"

".......... ok, sorry. So do you still need the information you enquire just now? (+ wtf in silence) "


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