Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think the battery is dead.

Finally I have all pictures with me today! *yayyy* But let me share with you guys some unfortunate thingy that happened this morning *s0bbing*

I woke up 20 minutes earlier than usual today, thinking that I could avoid the jam and reach office earlier to update my blog and Multiply. WTH. I reached my car, slot in the key and the alarm started beeping non-stop. And I CAN'T EVEN START THE ENGINE and wtf, even the brakes was locked. I dunno how was it locked, but I can't even step on the brakes. And few minutes later, the alarm started beeping again.

After trying to start the engine for about 10 minutes, I finally gave up and decided to take the LRT. I walked out to the taxi stand and not even a single taxi passby. Waited for quite long and finally a bus came. Took the bus to the nearest LRT station and the journey was alright at first. When I finally reached Masjid Jamek station and changed to Putra LRT, wtf wtf wtf.. hella looooooooooooong queue to get into the LRT! I din even know they started this queueing thingy to get into LRT! I queued for about 20 minutes before I got into that sardine-packed LRT, that made me sticked to the wall, underneath hairy and smelly armpits..

I can't imagine I'm going all over it again later after work. Oh, luckily my leave starts tomorrow!

Back to those pictures. Guess where I went last weekend!

Saturday to Bangsar meeting up with Sheau. She's on 1 day trip from Singapore. Oh, maybe she's too rich to spend on the trip, or proly because she missed me *touched*

I was thinking of a full camwhoring session in fitting room with her, since there're so many new boutiques in Bangsar lately, but that gurl wasn't in the mood to shop =( And worst, she gotta leave early for another bunch of friends..hurt me damn much can?!!

Went for a drink in Delicious by Ms Read in Bangsar Village. I tried Death by Ice Chocolate, which is not so ok and this:

I forgot what is it called, the waitress recommended this to me which is wayyyyyy to sweet for my liking. But then again, my macro mode made it looked so yummy-licious!MmmMm..~

Sheau had this Marshmallow Hot Chocolate with whole big plate of potato wedges!! I wonder if she had horrible sore throat that night..


Look at the happy gurl. Can't wait to see you again!! =)

And on Sunday, I WENT TO BANGSAR AGAIN!! With my sister this time.. OMG!! I'm seriously addicted to Bangsar.

My preggie sis doesn't look preggie at all. Maybe she left her stomach at home. Huh~ We went Bangsar Village (again) for lunch and initial plan was to Delicious but as it was too crowded, we ended up in Marmalade.

The environment is extremely comfy and I just love the plain white interior. And the Oreo Cheese Cake!

Heavenly. Enough said.

My sister had this Chicken Teriyaki kinda thing which was kinda delicious as well, but she ate like a rabbit - vege overloaded!

And that summarizes my weekend in BANGSAR!!

And oh, I'm loving it =D


Just.Hangsing said...

Chabo ah! you guys eat all this creamy fatty stuff....dont get fat ah!!Wahlau eh.....

c r y s t said...

indulgence once in a blue moon la... very pui meh me? =(