Monday, August 13, 2007

"Hang Many-Many, OK?"

It's unfair to have a short weekend. It's unfair that I can only spend a day with my pie.

I had some spare time for myself on last Saturday. Waking up in the afternoon and figured that there're nothing much to do at home, I ended up onlining in Coffee Bean but just can't get the right mood to blog. Visited a few random blogs, cleared my long-forgotten Yahoo mail, posted some stuff up on Selltrade and so so so done with it. I just don't understand why am I so virtual?! Monica just told me the other day, "Chewei, you're like living in virtual life man!!"

How sad, right? Seemed like I'm so anti-social..

It was still early by the time I left Coffee Bean so I ended up flying aimlessly in MidValley. Life is so sad without money. I left in about two hours time. Enough said.

Pie reached late at night and we managed to catch up midnight movie, Rush Hour 3. Again, I'm not a huge fan of action-packed movies, but I just love Jackie Chan =) A couple's seat, to complete it all..

We were overslept and woke up quite late the next day. Had brunch in Miu Kai and snapping around with my NEW CAMERA!!!

Look! My macro mode is functioning weiiiiii!!! Heh.. this is Char Siu Soh btw.

And hooray to my wide-angle lense!! Hehe.. full shot of us in the car! Again, I'm damn syok with my oversized glasses even though it's on 50% off now.. T____T

My poor baby drove back all the way yesterday night. A one-day trip just aren't enough. I knew I'll be seeing you again in like.. 5 days time?

But, I'm already missing you so badly now..


Ivan said...

im the actor of Rush hour 4 . sei mei.....

c r y s t said...


sei lor...but u gonna be the all time main actor of Rush Hour, coz u go far far.. =( me "hang many-many"..