Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weekend Chempedak.

I know I've not been updating for quite some time.. eh, about a week only-lah! Internet connection at home sucks :( So I've decided to blog from the office. shhhhh..~

So I was in Kuantan last weekend. I know what you're thinking - Kuantan, again?!! As usual-lah ;) And this coming weekend I'll be back to Taiping for Mother's Day. Speaking of Mother's Day, I've yet to buy any gift for mum. Any suggestion? And seemed like I'm travelling Kuantan - KL - Taiping - KL - Kuantan... every weekend. Never end.. *yawn*

There's a new shopping mall in Kuantan! :D

I was so excited cos according to the bf there'll be MNG, Big Apple, Parkson, etc..etc.. and *gasp* FOREVER 21!!!!!!! o_O

But, I did not see anything '21' when I went there. :( Probably I was always complaining shopping malls in Kuantan are damn boring so the bf was trying to lure me with the new East Coast Mall -_- tipu sama wa..

Anyhow, Big Apple really existed.

I ain't big fan of donut. Am not dying for J.Co, Big Apple nor Krispy Kreme but since the queue wasn't as long as in KL, I decided to give it a try. And since I think this will be the ONLY time I'll spend time queuing, I'm not gonna end up with ONE donut. So, bought half dozen.

uHm, OK-lah. Nothing special. I just don't understand why everyone's dying for it. Even one of my pregnant collegue told me at least once a week, she'll queue for her J.Co. She's pregnant mind you! I still prefer traditional sugar-coated kind of doughnut.

I love my dress it's so comfy plus it's pink! I saw a lot of same design dress since long ago but in boring black and grey and the moment I saw this piece I know I'm gonna get it ;) We're meant for each other!!! T3T

In the evening we decided to go to the beach (Teluk Chempedak) and the bf insisted that I change to shorts T_T Cos according to him my dress is too short and if the wind is strong then everyone can see my pet pet T_T

And so I changed to black sleeveless top to match his. Heh. So Victoria and Beckham like. Damn matching wtf.

Couple taking wedding shot. And notice the lady trying to take their picture! So busybody. Eh! Me too hor? *shy*


I love my hair in this pic ;)

Seriously the only place we'll go is the beach la. Cos shopping malls nothing much to shop. Oh! I spotted a starry top from a small boutique but did not buy coz I figured out it's too expensive RM49 omg I'm such a cheapskate T_T And now I'm regretting coz when I went to TopShop I saw a lot of starry top selling at RM80 above and that's like double the price ok!

The bf said I can buy during my next trip there but sure won't be there already right!

The next day we went to the beach, again.

Same facial expression :P Not purposely one I swear!

We're turning into each other omg.

In Sampan Bar. I kept reminding him to bring me there coz, I just wanna go-lah! I tried their in-house cocktail called Chempedak Sunrise (or is it Sunset??) and it tasted nothing better than cough mixture :( And that time I was wondering why they name it Chempedak and not durian, mangga etc.. and halfway typing this entry I realized we're in Teluk Chempedak. Why my IQ/ EQ/ whatever Q so low T___T

I love this candid shot of mine. My self-captured candid shot -_- So lame.

Timer shot coz the bartender's skill was so bad and both pics he took were definately rejected.

The sun was so bright upon reaching and in less than 10 minutes the sky turned dark and wind blew really strongly. Everyone ran into the hotel like chicken without head and the bartender ran up and down to keep everything on the table.

Check out the weather.

Tsunami struck my mind. The bf said I can run up to the 4th floor if really happen wtf.

Last pic before tsunami.


Hehe, just jk. I realized this entry is way too long already and I shall just stop here. Gotta continue with my work now don't forget I'm blogging from the office :P

Will be MIA again till next week. I can smell Lian Thong's toast with half-boiled eggs already ;)


leksw said...

wtf.. it's really always ktan - kl - tpg - kl - ktan - kl - tpg...ktan second home harh?? lol..btw, have fun fun in tpg ya... cheers

Hayley said...

wa so loving la you two when wanna marry heheh...:p

c r y s t said...

leksw: yala, damn tiring.. but nevertheless, it was kinda fun! haha!!

hayley: no worries, when we've decided to sure let u know wtf wtf..

S h e r v e said...!?!??!?!
oh my gosh.... FINALLY.
Good shopping when I have to balik kampung for CNY. :p

c r y s t said...

sherve: oh! din knw u're from kuantan! but i guess it was just the bf's gimmick of tempting my back there T_T