Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I kept reminding myself - I'm a girl.

My last weekend was seriously damn tiring ;(

I think I'm getting old.

Saturday to Bangsar with Ami. Yalah, I know Bangsar is like my second home now.. almost every 2 days I'll be in Bangsar already. Those who know me personally should understand I'm bad with direction, so Bangsar is like quite convenient for me-lah! Plus parking is easy, as in I won't get lost -____-

It was my first time to junkyard sale! Went to Bijou Bazaar in Jeumpa D'ramo - it's a boutique hotel in Jalan Maarof Bangsar. I read about the sale in Facebook and blogs and since I hardly be in KL during the weekend, so this was like a golden chance to me! Cannot miss one.. kept reminding myself.

When I saw this picture from website I was like "Wah!" But damn, it was quite dissapointing when I reached there. Yeah the mansion is BIG but there were just a few stalls ;(

Upon entering, Ami kept asking me if we're at the right place cause it was kinda quiet when we reached. A few Malay guys at the porch taking photos and yeah, nothing much. When we entered the garden, there was a swimming pool with quack! quack! ;) Loads of duckies!

I stopped by 2 stalls near the pool and their stuff were damn cheap o_O In less than 3 minutes I think, I managed to grab 2 dresses.

Ami: You serious?? Sure or not? Can fit? No need tryyyy?!!!!
Me: Cheappppppp maaaaa...

Found this photo in Bijou Bazaar website. So ugly!!! T____T

I think Ami can't accept this kinda junk concept yet, coz all the time she was like "Eiyer!!!" here and "Eeeeyerrrrr!!!!" there.. *knock head* Can find treasures from this kinda place one k!! Though I found none ;(

Not so me...

Ami looking pissed off! HAHA!!! We left shortly and off to Telawi street!

Ami tried on the bf shirt and me, trying to be vintage ended up looking like makcik jual keropok lekur ;(

Innocent girl with slutty zebra woman wtf.

The red top I'm wearing is actually star printed! So cute!!! ;D But guess I looked TOO CUTE in it, too cute for my age.

Don't you just love this tee??!!!! Hehe :P Got the sense of security or not?!!

We walked till late night and had Mc'D for both lunch and dinner - save money can shop more what! We're that calculative...

The very next day after recharging my battery for sleeping till 12sth.. I went straight to Sunway Pyramid and shopped again the whole day...

Ended up with 6 dresses, 2 tops, 3 necklaces, 1 sandals, 2 belts.. uHm, I think that's it. Some items not in picture coz I damn lazy wanna dig out.

And today my body is still aching. During college time, walking from 10am to 10pm wasn't a problem to me but look at me now :\

Proven I'm old already.


shin said...

wah sehhhhh ... increment come liao isit.. shop till like that..

leksw said...

yea..everywhere increment..can shop kao kao...wakakaka.. keng la you miao.. good good.. =)

c r y s t said...

shin: ya increment lai liao.. and tonite going bangsar again :P just back from pavilion just now.. dang!

leksw: singapore sales coming!!!! i can smell it.. o_O