Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Edit: Baboobeep has updated! *click* ;)

I have tonnes of stuff to update but internet connection at home really kills me :( And also stuff to sell cos I'm seriously broke, and also to raise fund for my shopping spree in Spore this weekend! :D Finally.. we've been planning on this trip like monthssssssss back but had been procrastinating till now. Gosh I'm excited!

1) Meeting up buncha collegemates who're currently working in Spore;
2) Spore sales starts next week!! weeee...!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Anyway last weekend I was back in my hometown (yeah, I'm out of town every weekend -_-). Apart from the parents, Lian Thong is another reason why I love to be back home ;) I could be back on Saturday but usually I choose to rush back on Friday right after work so that I'll never missed my breakfast in Lian Thong on Saturday morning! FYI, they're close on Sunday..

This is the best food on earth after my mum's :D

Famous toast with half-boiled eggs on top ;)

Closer shot:

GASP! I can't concerntrate on my work anymore -_-"

1) Add some soy sauce.

2) Sprinkle some pepper powder.

3) Poke the yolk. GaWd! :P~

4) Coat every piece of the toast nicely.

5) Slowly scoop inside your mouth... with gentle movement of course..

6) Chew nicely and let the flavor stays in your mouth awhile. Swallow and follow by a sip of famous Lian Thong's white coffee ice.

7) Congratulation! You have successfully reached NIRVANA.

Help.. my stomach is rumbling already after posting up these pics.. another 2 hours till my lunch break -_-
OK I just regained my conciousness wtf.

Dya know Taiping is famous for many of it's 'first'? First railway in the country, first hill resort, first golf course, first prison, first english girls' school, first clock tower,...etc..

And this is the first lake gardens in Malaysia *proud*

Damn awkward my pose :(

But check out those trees! The most breath taking sight is the tree branch that reach almost to the lake. Where else can you find these?

And the tranquility of the lake..

Meditating wtf. And that leads to this shot:

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Tell me they're cute! ;)

The lush green beauty of nature, cool air and wet weather.. tell me you're loving Taiping more and more now ;)

Mum and I ;) HAHA No proper pic of her cos she's anti-camera kinda lady..

My 2nd sis with her big ass camera. She purposely bought that to snap pics of her kids -_-

That boy in blue is her eldest son, Kent G and next to him is my brother's son, Jayearn. They stayed with my mum for a week and drove my parents insane, seriously. Even I was back there for like 2 days, I shouted like a crazy mama in shopping centres chasing after the 2 monsters -_- *sigh* How can I imagine my life in the future... T_T

And I think they love disturbing me cos I always disturb them too T_T

That's karma.

OK. Back to work.


leksw said...

orh.. i like the last pic.. the way kent G stands.. haha.. so boy

Hayley said...

haih next time u back tpg do let me know we go lian thong 2gether hahah...its been ages since my last visit there. the only day i m free is sunday but too bad, close:(

mustardqueen said...

haha u know i was so fed up with Nirvana's banana leaf, I always told my sis omg imma die and reach nirvana again T__T yeah and make that in chinese wtf... hahaha I have been eating egg on a toast lately but I fry it instead but but my egg always crack! T_T maybe I should try half boiled eggs instead :P

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

OMG... the food made me super hungry...!!

shasha said...

your post!!! it's now 2:53AM and where lah i find food!!!

the last pic is so cute ;)

c r y s t said...

leksw: haha yea, I always tell him "ei, u are so MAN!" lol

hayley: why so busy! u working 6 days/ week? when wanna date me! ;)

mustardqueen: eh last time my mum used to make me sandwiches with fried eggs and I always asked her to make more so I can share with ALL my friends during recess time :D and u shd try half-boiled eggs la, damn SYOK! :P~

jezmine: i'm craving for it all the time too T_T

shasha: your visit! why so late :( why you don't have to sleep! lol come lets go Taiping bersama-sama ;)

Hayley said...

ya, i work every alternate saturday :((
anyway, the next time u come back tpg let me know la. we'll arrange. lol...

jeepeng said...

wei...your 2nd sis purposely bought that to snap pics of her kid, why were you there? *-)

c r y s t said...

hayley: ouch! kla, we'll see if we got the fate to meet up.. haha but wun be back anytime soon thou T_T

jeepeng: i'm one of the BIG KID, as usual ;)