Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another 7 malls during the weekend.

I am so depressed T_T

I've been waiting for so long already and finally it's here and I can't make it...

Fashionista's Junkyard Sales Season 4 - 31st May till 1st Jun T_T

Bijou Bazaar 31st May - 1st June as well T_T

.... cos I'll be on short weekend getaway with childhood buddies to Kuantan! :D But.. T_T

Dunno to be sad or happy. So you people go and buy more and post all your buys in your blogs and make me jealous la ;( Nevermind coz I'll be posting up my Spore crazy sales purchases as revenge wtf.

Pictures from last weekend.

The pie was here for a long weekend! ;) And again in 2 days we went to One U, The Curve, IKEA, Cineleisure, SACC Mall, Amcorp Mall, MidValley, and Petaling Street :\ Whatelse to do in KL besides shopping..

SACC Mall amd Amcorp Mall are such a dissapointment. I wanted to go as I heard both the malls have lotsa junks and interesting stuff selling at cheap price. But all we saw were really JUNKS like those cheap antiques from your old grandma house.

Best place to camwhore.

My washroom shots collection ;)

Yala I know I looked cool and damn pretentious but this is only pic that shows my dress :D Forgot to take a full length shot.

When a nerd meets another nerd this is what gonna happen ;) We had such a long weekend and walked around aimlessly and ended up in Hotel Satu Dunia lol.. One World Hotel if you don't get my joke wtf wtf.

Next day, we planned to go Petaling Street so the bf kept reminding me to wear 'casually'. I did but in the end we still ended up in shopping malls -___-

In IKEA. Best spot to camwhore in IKEA cos:

1) the mirror is BIG;
2) no one would notice.

Love this shot cos my legs looked so elongated although the bf looked kinda disproportionate! HAHA!

Cupcakes! Again, I don't understand what's the craze with cupcakes these days -_- or am I outdated already I can never keep up with the trend these days...

On Cloud 9 and Fatal Attraction. Too sweet for my liking ;(

The bf asked me why ordered 2 coz we could just settle for 1.. proven he didn't like it too ;(

Both of us are too old for doughnuts and cupcakes kinda trend. *sigh*

So later tonight will be going for a farewell dinner with Christine. Tomorrow another farewell dinner with Lyza, my collegue. Aye, everyone around leaving already :(

And the day after will be another farewell with 'KL' - cos I'm leaving to SINGAPORE!! YayyyYYy!!!! :D ... for only 2 days la.

I damn jakun I know.


jeepeng said...

erm...haih...nothing lah...

leksw said...

i know i know... *speechless*...heh heh

Hayley said...

wah siok la, can go singapore shopping!!!
so i m waiting for ur post about this la ok?
*fingers crossed*

c r y s t said...

jeepeng: but...haih..wat u wanna say...

leksw: know yr ass! we're both from the kelompok jakun can!

hayley: ya! i'm so excited already! :D :D :D

jeepeng said...

erm...not good to tell here, i'll email you...kekekkee!

c r y s t said...

jeepeng: por por ma ma :( did not rcv yr emel also.. but i think i know wat u wanna say wtf..