Friday, May 30, 2008

Bossa Nova, not Casanova!

WAH! I must be updating too frequently! o_O Need to get this up soon before I lost interest coz I have so many things coming up next week and so many things that I've yet to blog about. Internet connection at home is still down by the way ;( So I have no choice but to spare some time and blog from.. you know.. *shhh*

Anyway, another farewell last week! Why is everyone leaving me T__T

My lunch partner, Lyza. My department is going on 2 separate lunch hour. 12pm and 1pm and she had been my lunch partner for past 2 years.. The lady who shops a lot of branded stuff, the lady who complaints a lot.. I'm missing her absence already..

These are all the ladies in my department. Yeah, ALL LADIES. The gentleman at the back isn't from my department though.

l-r: moi, Carment, Angie, Chan, Audrey, Emmy, Lyza, Kelly and Carynne (my lady boss)

We had farewell dinner in Bossa Nova in Parkroyal KL. It's a Brazillian grill restaurant where the chef will walk to each and every table and carved those tenderly grilled Argentina and Autralian beef, lamb, etc etc straight off the skewer to thin slices. I had beef overloaded after the dinner! GULP!

With our 'yat zhi fah' pose (a stalk of flower) -- which I don't know what does it means as well -_-

Those who sits surrounding me in office. Group of people who're totally different from those of my first job. And yeah, I did have culture shock when I first joined two years back.

The two crazeh ladies whom I can click quite well despite our age gap :D Angie (in pink) is leaving end of next month and I'll definately be missing her lots as well T_T

A partner in gossiping. I can't imagine how dull my working life will be without her T_T You gotta stay here, don't leave k?

I'm still stuck.. stuck kao-kao.. *sigh* I think I just need to move on, to try out something new.

Leaving to Kuantan (again) after work later! :P

And oh! did I forgot to mention that Baboobeep was updated 2 days back? Last day for free shipping today! Hurry! I need some donation wtf.


leksw said...

aha.. so she's the one leaving and you were telling me about the vacancy la...

jeepeng said...

angie's leaving?! oh...tell her that i miss her too ;-P

c r y s t said...

leksw: eh eh yala, still vacant la now.. interested?? :P very rare chance leh acer got vacancy!

jeepeng: ya she's leaving T_____T she send her regards to u too ;)