Monday, September 15, 2008

Am a proud Taipingese! ;)

18 years spent in Taiping, 6 years spent in KL.. I'm proud to present..

Taiping Sentral!!! T3T

I've never ever expect there gonna be such a development in my little hometown. Town of everlasting peace. Probably they're trying to preserve the so-called peace, there's not much progress eversince I was born. A close relative once said, "Eh! The last time I've been here was like 10 years ago and everything is still the same!"

But these 2 years there're so much of drastic changes, so much of progress in this old town. Tesco was built last year that caused massive traffic jam in all areas nearby. It also caused the crowd to shift from old town central to Kamunting area (they called it new town??). The Store and Fajar were both losing their businesses. Mind you, these 2 small supermarkets used to be the place I lepak-ed during schooling time :P The pasar malam area which used to be very crowded seemed so quiet the last time I went back. Some said it's the change of Feng Shui..

And recently, we have new shopping complex.

I never expect to have a proper shopping complex in Taiping, never ever. T3T It's like a dream come true cannn!!!

Starbucks, Old Town white coffee.. gaWd, new gathering places during CNY! ;) And Sushi King! And Noodle Station! :D

I went with my family last weekend when I was back for Mooncake Festival. Guess where I had my dinner..

Kenny Rogers Roasters!!!! :D :D :D :D

I don't know why, but it tasted better in Taiping.. HAHA!

Taipingese, tell me. Ain't you proud?? Ain't you proud?? ;) This is what I call scenary shot ;)

And we have Vincci too!!! I think other stores selling shoes can zhap lap very soon.. hehe

I heard there'll be cinemas too in a few weeks time OMG Do you know how long the Taipingese suffered without a CINEMA!!!! T______T I'm not exaggerating, more than 15 years I think, we lived without it. We used to have 3 cinemas, but 1 burnt down, 1 closed down, and I'm not sure what happened to the other one. And now it's coming back!! :D

I'm born a Taipingese, live a Taipingese, die a Taipingese.

To all of you who're working overseas, come back. Peluang pekerjaan banyak di Taiping. Masa depan janji cerah.

Taiping, ada OooMmpHhhh!!


Anonymous said...

then u can ask ur boss to open another branch to sell acer there ho!!

leksw said...

whoa whoa whoa!!! finally it's up!!! so kan cheong la... omg omg omg.. i was so excited while reading your post!! darn canggih already la taiping.. i went back last May and there's like nothing there yet.. now already bermacam macam kedai!! so PROUD LA~!!!! perhaps we should transfer ourselves back and just work in tpg for the rest of our life... lol lol =D

Hayley said...

hehe yea taiping damn 'in' already now!!
awaiting the new cinema..u r right, its been years there's no cinema here T__T

c r y s t said...

anonymous: Hey u interested to be our dealer? HAHA

leksw: Last went back in May OMG! shoo you Sporean! T_T Yalah, Tpg damn canggih, I wanna spend the rest of my life there ;) You can set up MOTAI there (MO Tpg wtf)!

hayley: Yaya, let me know when the cinema open k! :D Wanna go back watch movie wtf wtf HAHA~! :P

leksw said...

lol lol... you make me laugh for nothing in the office la... MOTAI!! what a name.. wtf.. you and me run our own business la.. you with acer background.. i think you should ask your pie to reconsider.. TPG canggih-ier than KTAN ok.. wtf

piko said...

cryst the politician. talk so sweet. "masa depan janji cerah". got guarantee o not?

c r y s t said...

leksw: HAHA Really what, since you always MOSIN MOKUL whatever MO... MOTAI sounds better I think. And yalah, Tpg better hor :P

piko: Guarantee under Cryst. Mau consider or not!

Esther said...

Haha...MOTAI...that's a good one.... Wow, taiping is so development now...Cryst, u shld start planning ur career now in taiping...hehe....

piko said...

menyumbang kepada statistik penganggur?

mysenoir said...

hi chew wei. dunno how to call u cryst. been calling u chew wei since those convent days. hehe. i'm mai. budak convent jugak. tak taulah u ingat i ke tak

felt like commenting when i read this post. damn proud a u with taiping? hehe. i yang kerja kt taiping pun belum masuk tpg sentral, u yg keje kl da pergi?? siap boleh blog and post pictures some more. semangat! and ada new word: taipingese?? haha

but yalah. so true taiping is developing and tpg sentral is waay ahead compared to the taiping zaman dulu2 kan? ;P

c r y s t said...

esther: HAHA Perhaps you can consider Tpg as well? :P No worries, can take flight from Ipoh to Kluang ;)

piko: Caya sama Cryst! ;)

mysenoir: MAI!!!! I still remember you!!! :D :D :D HAHA Call me Chew Wei I feel warmer :P

Ala, how come you never been to Tpg Sentral! I was amazed cos I never expect to have this in Tpg.. as usual la, we always got paria stuff there T__T

But OMG!!! so excited to see you commenting here!! *jumps*

piko said...

(making mata terbeliak)

Rollt said...

Kenny Roger mia chic makin kecil la.. I eat also not enuf for tea break. Wakakak.. ada vacancy kerja lepak dekat Lake Garden ke?

plain.jane said...

like yr closing line ;)

Esther said...

Cryst: Im a Kluangese so need to help Kluang to develop too..... :P But i dun mind going to Taiping for Holiday.... seems like a nice place to relax myself...:)

Ms Lek: someday, oneday we shall plan to go your hometown and visit miao miao.....:)

c r y s t said...

piko: o_O

rollt: Eh eh is it? But just nice for me lah, can control my diet a bit.. hehe Why you wanna work arr! :P

plain.jane: Can consider one, k? ;)

esther: Come come come la! Plan a trip down and we can drop by Penang as well! ;)

josie said...

AIYO you khi siao ahh?? just because Taiping Sentral opened you became so fanatic and lunatic all of a sudden. Please la. It's about time Taiping transform la. People already merdeka 51 years wei. LOL.... meow oh meOoww~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

piko said...

when transformation's taken over, there will be less and less things that can be mentioned as 'good ol' this and that... its a pity really... sad, to see things we cherish as kids being taken away one by one. but well, maybe just me though, being mellow about the good ol's this and that...

c r y s t said...

josie: Perempuan! Why you no feel one arr!! Are you modernized already!

piko: I totally understand you ;( Memories remain but still I think it's about time to upgrade after so many years we lived in the dark.. *sobs*

Anonymous said...

The opening of Taiping Sentral does not mean there are job opportunities emerge. There are also some shopping complexs in Ipoh but why there are still many people earn a living overseas or at big city like KL instead of working there.

c r y s t said...

With that little modernization in a small town, job opportunities will definately be more in demand but younger generations (me for example) would opt to work in bigger cities for sure.But no doubt, more ppl will stay there if compared to last time..

*sigh* you don't get my joke... T__T