Monday, September 29, 2008

The leftover 10%

Am I the only one here who always try to fill up my weekends with lotsa lotsa activities? I'm not a homey person and I don't really fond of spending my free days just chilling watching TV at home. Even when everyone has their own activities, I don't really mind having own sweet time in either Bangsar or shopping centres or perhaps having my favourite cuppa Latte alone in cafe.

What about you? Are you a homey person or dya prefer spending your weekends outside?

Remember I mentioned that only 10% of my closest friends are left in KL?

Yala, the girl who threatened not to go junkyard sales with me 'cause I never mention much about her in my previous post wtf. We went, btw :P

But not much pictures taken, shit-lah I dunno why I'm not that obsessed with camera anymore :\ Is it caused by aging arr?? T_____T

*emo moment a while*

We went to Showpink around 1130am and was shocked 'cause it's kinda empty.. We browsed around and a guy came to us telling that they only start at 1pm -__- Weird. I remember the FB invitation stated from 11am till 7pm.. ;( So we left, to...

Shawn's! HAHA!!

This girl really addicted to short hair already 'cause she kept getting shorter and shorter crop. This time she had hers done ala Fiqa in Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I myself don't know why I ended up there 'cause I never plan to trim my hair for another few more months what!! And Fei the stylist chopped off my hair quite a bit which he promised earlier he'll just trim a little. Boo! I don't wanna trust him anymore T_____T

Went back to Showpink after that and I only managed to grab a top. I spotted a Zara bag there which I've been eyeing for quite some time, considering the price RM285 (I think), I'd prefer to spend on something else. But it was selling at RM80 in Showpink!!!!!!! I left it there thinking to try on my top first but but but.... the moment I stepped out from the fitting room, the bag was G.O.N.E.!!!! T__________________________________________T

Lesson learnt. Just grab, don't think. T___________________________T

We both did some unusual stuff which we'll never thought of doing usually. We were in mamak and 2 girls came to us for this Mobile TV survey thingy and we layan-ed. And then 2 men came promoting the Fitness First RM29.90 for a month package and we signed up! Yes, I'm hitting the gym soon! Influenced by Yunny already HAHA!

Talking about Yunny, I just bidded farewell to her T__T Another 2 more months or so till we meet again girl.. I hate saying goodbye.. *sigh*

By the way, what's in store today? ;)

Truly vintage piece from my aunt's wardrobe and more pretty tops with gorgeous detailings you can't resist! So, *click*! :D

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