Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're as sweet as candy!

I went to trim my hair yesterday morning and my stylist told me "Eh you come here quite often hor?" -_____- Having short hair really high maintanence, and worse still having short bangs. I trim my hair every month. $$$$ fly awayyy~

I headed right to UpTown in the afternoon and the traffic was terrible. Having to stuck in the jam on Saturday really making me insane!

Let me introduce you IGLOO's STP, which stands for si thau porrrr... ;)

Yeah, I went to IGLOO to meet up with old old schoolmates.. Check out the colourful necklaces and earrings! Makes me having the urge to go to the beach now.. And the STP's so colourful and she's so sweet makes me wanna lick her right away! Yum!! :P

Our friendship is old enough to be kept in the museum wtf. And after almost 20 years of friendship (am I that old?!! am I that old?!!) we still have the same infection - wherever we go, we rule the world! Our loud laughter is really memalufyingkan at times. Everyone stares at us wherever we go and even in IGLOO we yakked and laughed and shouted like hooligan and not sure if we had turned away some customers.. HAHA!

Happy colours ;)

Because we are happy people wearing happy colours, Monica who was wearing black was forced to layer a colourful top in order to join us in this photo! HAHA And she looked damn odd! Lay Suan tried on a tight babydoll top and kept complaining her boobs can't fit into it -_________- Yala I know la very BIG..

Deciding if I should buy this bag. I actually wanted to get the one in cobalt blue but Lay Suan kept nagging I won't use it. She really nags a lot!!!! There're so many colours - yellow, green, white, black, dark blue and cobalt blue. So I ended up getting the one in white. Am I being too safe? ;(

Happy colours again cos we're happy people!! :P Monica and Lihua are my two very close buddy during school time, uhm primary school time mind you! And we still maintain our craze ;)

uHm.. I think it's time to wipe your mirror-lah STP.. -___-

All of us went back with something and thank youuuuuu STP for giving me 30% discount!! Hehe :P I'm someone special as per STP *ahem*

I love all the colours!!! Yellow, green, blue... so retro ;) I was actually considering to buy all the colours, provided if I'm given special price of RM20 each LOL.. STP turned away my special request T___T

Went for a meal later on. It was tea time for Monica, lunch for Lihua and Lay Suan and brunch for me.. -_____-

It was so much fun seeing all those familiar faces again ;) Those people I grew up with, those people I spend quarter of my life with.. it's all being comfortable with their special company..

And notice the two puffer fish? It's a co-incidence.. -______- Told ya, we grew up together...


yorkmei said...

eh eh i dont realy know the STP la..but if i go her boutique got discount arr? i ll say i know cryst ma..ahahaha...

leksw said...

ehh. long time no see them ehh.. haha.. all pic looks very colourful.. feel yourself in beach? lol..

c r y s t said...

yorkmei: haha but CRYST isn't a very influential word-lah!

leksw: yaya in felt damn 'mo-mo-cha' la.. sipping coconut wtf.. :P

shasha said...

yer i like all the bags. go sell urs at stkl la i'll buy ahaha :P
and i like your yellow top lah!

leksw said...

i did a quick reading this noon in office and now i have read through thoroughly.. wtf.. i can feel the crazieness when you all gets together!! the feeling of old friends run through my mind for while.. wtf

c r y s t said...

shasha: LOL not selling yet lah! u can buy online from igloo directly my dear!

and oh i love my top too! la la la~

leksw: if only u're here T__T ciz as if lah very long never meet, u just saw ALL of them during cny wat!

plain.jane said...

where is this shop IGLOO? :P

c r y s t said...

plain.jane: they're located in uptown! go check out their site! ;)