Friday, April 18, 2008

Dissapointed over MDG

I just finished watching Malaysian Dreamgirl latest episode and almost got the shock of my life when Jay almost got eliminated! OMG! If she really gets eliminate I guess no one else is qualified to win the title anymore. The show is just getting worse and worse now.


My favourite Fiqa had been eliminated T_T I love her face. She got very unique look, perhaps because of her mixed parentage? Love the way she posed as well and the way she speaks. I don't care she's making out the accent or not but it's all about speaking good English.

I got not much interest with this top 6 girls. And this show is really ridiculous by eliminating based on SMS votes?!! Means richer girl higher percentage of winning lah!


And hey what's Ringo doing over there? She should be out long time ago if not because of her blog readers! I don't mean she's ugly or whatsoever.

I do agree she's cute, but that's it. Not a model quality at all! She's too cute to act cool like a model and height wise definately out. Don't really like her fashion sense though and she's really really quiet in the show, unlike the Cheesie I always thought she was.


Adeline is so pretty when she smiles. She's really gorgeous. But she's showing one same look all the time. Dressing sense a bit ah lian and although her England improved quite dramastically thoughout the show, she doesn't really impress me. Not at all.


The girl that everyone hated wasn't doing so well lately I guess. Cindy's latest shot was horrible! She looked more like a 60s' karaoke singer more than a model. I don't really care much of the bitchiness after a while coz she speaks so fluently and expressed herself so well compared to the other girls.

Again, look wise, just a pretty face. Nothing more than a model quality.


Hanis impressed me a lot when she's in front of camera. Gadis Melayu ayu at the beginning of the show. I actually dislike her at first as she was using too much of BM, and wearing baju kebaya most of the time makes me sick, really. I'm not being discriminating here but hello? This is Malaysian Dreamgirl, or most people see it as Malaysia Next Top Model. Boring traditional wear with no fabulous cut isn't helping her at all. Nevertheless, her cat walk is pretty good and love most of her shots.


Nadia after all these while still appears too fierce to my liking. Her eye contact and garang look seemed to be over confident. Yeah, she's very confident, which is a good thing I guess, but she just can't win over my heart wtf. Sazzy kept complimenting her gorgeous and unique look but I really really can't see anything accept for her gorgeous body.


The only one left that I really want her to win is Jay. She got the height. She got the look. She speaks good English. Her recent photoshoot in Savanh was quite dissapointing though but of all the 6 girls, I think she has the most potential.

She might not have a pretty face to most people but certainly she can handle many different looks, which is quite important in modelling.

Judges are dead. 'Nuff said.


shin said...

yalor.... yalor... realy getting worst comparing the earlier part of the show.. and judges are not really makin it better either..always the same comment and all photocopy from ANTM

leksw said...

walao.. when i read, i'm like wtf.. am i refering to the correct blog.. miao, you ok bo? like condemning kao kao.. later kena 'saman' ehh... lol *faint*

Anonymous said...

hey,,i do like Fiqa most too..but too bad she's out..:(
and i think the same way as you on all the contentants..

Esther said...

All in all.....i like Fiqa the most.... i find all her shots ada "umm".......

X-Wen said...

wat is this show? what am i missing? haha, is this like M'sian's version of Top Model? OMG, they're wearing skimpy clothes too!! I'm excited.


c r y s t said...

shin: yaya and worse still judges are not judging so i duno why they're called 'judge'?!!

leksw: damn pissed off lah after watching the show i just felt like exploding ;(

anonymous: if fiqa is still in i think she'll perform well-lah!

esther: yala, but too bad she's out.. eh u got watch also?

x-wen: msia's 1st online reality show! haha it's sth like antm but many said it's different cos it's called dreamgirl -__- but everything copied straight from antm..

Just said...

oh this is so cool....didnt know we had that show. u should join cryst! i would have vote for u big itme...

c r y s t said...

just: haha no way! coz i'll end up being criticized in ppl's blog, just like what i'm doing now.. LOL wtf..