Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work and cyberworld aren't connected!

Why everyone so shocked to see my 11 year-old photo! Even the bf called and asked why I posted up that photo.. really that bad meh! ;( But usually people said fat kids are cuter what..

I think my life is really boring. I don't have much time for myself after work. So many things need to be done, which I usually accumulate till the weekend. Mind you I only have time during the weekends. So this weekend - service my car, cut hair, collect stuff from a friend's boutique, meet up some old friends, search for some DIY stuff, etc etc.. But most weekends my time will be fully occupied; either to the bf or family.

I need 48 hours a day.

I was reading Huiwen's blog the other day regarding her worries of her coming soon work life. I was also shocked to know some organization actually disallow their employer to own a blog, or to comment in a blog! omg How blessed I am cos both companies I work for don't have any strict regulation regarding our lives in cyberworld. I online quite a lot in the office indeed. Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, STKL, blogs stalking, online boutiques hopping, MSN.. Though I'd been warned before regarding my high internet usage in office few months back, it seemed like it wasn't anything really serious. *self-assuring*

When I was in hotel line few years back, there're a few times I was assigned to work in Executive Lounge for a few days. Once I was there during Ramadhan month and for the whole freaking day, only a few guest will drop by for a drink. My manager even came to me and asked if I wanted any internet access so I won't feel bored -__- He fixed all the networking for me and even recommended me a few interesting sites..



"What would you do when you're all alone in the office?"

I was alone in the office during lunch time today. I was bored though I have tonnes of work pilling..

I thought to myself, "This is awesome!" cos I seldom have chances to be alone! ;)

Handling too much customers' complaints make me insane..


What's that sound! Ghost doesn't exist right!!! omg.. office ghost wtf.

Another half an hour everyone will be back! I don't wanna act hardworking weiii!!!

World peace. Hope no more complaints coming in today. Aftermath of PC Fair *argh!!!*

Got professional look or not!!!!!

Many people actually came up to me and told me I looked really lansi when I don't smile. Where got! ;( I personally feel I looked kinda retarded when I smile, unlike certain people who're blessed with gorgeous melting smile.

My tidy work desk! Cos everyone else here got real messy desk! o_O And check out my BIG BULKY CRT monitor weiii.. I work in an IT company, but we dont have LCD monitor to use.. so sad right? And spot the 2 tiny photos of the bf and I ;)

Tomorrow's only Thursday. Another day of work. Another day of boredom. Another day of sickness.



YorkMei said...

eh eh why tie up the hair while work...hehe but look sweet also wert...
p/s: yea the 11-yr-old photo was veryyy shoCKInGGGG ;p

shin said...

walauehhhhhhhhh.. so free horrrr.. in office oso can do things like this... KENG!!!!!nice la u tie up.. i like....

c r y s t said...

yorkmei: my hair long edi out of shape's time for a cut..

shocking coz very ugly arr? T_T

shin: haha me very flexible one ma..hehe time management wtf.. :P i like oso.. *shiok sendiri*

leksw said...

you also keng ehh... can snap snap in office.. not bad not bad... you look younger and fresher... =)

c r y s t said...

leksw: time management keng mah! HAHA so dya like me looking like this? har? har? har? ;)

leksw said...

yea.. looking good with this style... guess everyone likes... =)

c r y s t said...

leksw: no more now.. my hair is too short now can't tie up anymore T___T