Friday, October 26, 2007

Another weekend again.

Lack of updates! ARGH!!

Guess what, while onlining in the office yesterday suddenly a lady from ISD dept approached me. I did not put much thought to it, assuming she's here to update some stuff to my PC. With a very serious look at her face, she told me "I got something to tell ya. But please don't cry when you hear that ok?" I was like.. "oh my goddddd...what?!!" "I think you onlined too much and our system just triggered that you're the highest internet user as at today. You have to minimize you internet usage.."


Damn pai seh la me ok?! T_T

Its like I just won a lottery. Or perhaps, jackpot where the alarm gonna trigger or whatever. I know myself I onlined too much in the office, but I did not neglect my job what!! Oh my god, I'm damn pai seh now whenever I walk pass the ISD department ok? T_T

Minor updates!

Last Sunday I had time for my own. Oh, self-discovery I love it!! (hate the fact that e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y. had their own plans and I gotta be all on my own *tsk*).

Don't you just love my top?!! It's the most stunning top I've been looking for so long!! Red/ white polka dotted top!! I'm so delicious ^_^

And I camwhored for about half an hour in the car -_-" Good lighting made my skin so radiant! (and please ignore the fact it's PS-ed) Just look at my gorgeous top k?

As usual my lonely weekend will be spend in Bangsar!! Boutiques overloaded equals long-term happiness :)

Sooooo CUTE right? I felt Twiggy-ed! o_O And I dunno why am I standing like jellyfish..

For the very first time, the bf was so upset I did not buy the top!! He was so glad when I MMSed him this pic assuming this is the top I bought. HAHA..

Stated "I *heart* boyfriend". No wonder la..

Another cute top I spotted in Mooie but somehow stuff there are a lil' overpriced as usual. Tak beli jugak... :(

Oh, seriously I tried 2934253678943398579690980 tops that day and I was so tired and my hair started to get oily T_T I looked damn bad in other pics.. so am not gonna upload them..

Bought 2 dress, which my feelings for them faded as days passed.. Will be uploading them in Baboobeep soon. Speaking of my Baboobeep, I still don't have proper time to edit sui sui and promote it yet. So if you've been stalking that site now, spread the words hor?

Anyway, just a note that I'll be shifting over to stay with my brother temporary in Subang next week and no longer staying with my second sis. So friends in PJ area wanna yumcha may call me out anytime and I promise I'll give no more excuses like "PJ?! Too FAR lahrrr~!!"

And I'll be good! :)

Have a nice weekend all and good night *yawn*

P/S: My first time blogging at home, in the midnight. Damn syok!


leksw said...

wa wa wonder la..but how don't see you in msn?

c r y s t said...

i dun on msn here la coz using sister's notebook, next week k? =)

just.hangsing said...

oh my gosh...seh lso...wont know how to react!..i would be so pei also.

c r y s t said...

pai seh u mean hangsing? haha... i felt my life is meaningless nowadays.. T_T said...

Did you shop with us? ;P

c r y s t said...

oh i do sometimes :) mostly for my office wear.. and oh, how dya stumble across my blog?