Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Saturday morning. Feels so good when I can laze on the bed till the sun rises, I don't get this chance often.

Parents are on their way down to town for a relative's wedding tonight. And I'll be going out with my Nikkolites gang's gonna be another gossips night. Uh la la~

What should I do now?

Here, I'm sitting onlining in my pyjamas. It feels soooo goooooodddd :)

Edit 5:15pm: I went out finally. Home alone is so boring.

And I finally use my new bag :) And oh, I shopped, again..


leksw said...

like that also can?? o__O

c r y s t said...

can...apa-apa pun boleh... u hilang lama? =\