Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 girls, and a guy.

Isn't it saddening that I can no longer blog from office?!! And oh my, my connection is so bad these days which I suspected they secretly change my setting to dial-up connection!! So that I can no longer blog and multiply and friendster and facebook and read blogs and online shopping?!! Why are they so cruel?!! Why is this nightmare happening to me?!! T_T

I can't find any better word to describe my job now. Suck.

And I'm onlining at home these days and I wanted to update my blog so badly!! No, I can never put my blog on scheduled maintenance mode like Shin's.. HAHA! Anyway, after shifting to my brother's place next week I'll be onlining every night. Streamyx. WiFi somemore. Online till I blind wtf.

OK. We got more serious business to blog about over here. End of rambling.

Outting with Nikkolites (again) last Saturday! :p

We met up in Nikko's lobby as I'm sending my parents off for a relative's wedding dinner, in Nikko itself. And all four of us are back to Nikko, proudly as a guest. Walao, the feeling is so good ok cos I once served Nikko with love and now I'm being served with love! Damn SHIOK! There, Vasu the Duty Manager is always serving with love, no matter who you are. Check out this cool guy if you happen to go there. But too bad la, he's no longer available..teehehe..

Ended up in Times Square because Ami need to get some facial stuff, which only available in Times Square, The Curve and Malacca -_-" So canggih meh.. I seldom shop there and that very night, I found gems!! Damn whole lots of shoes, damn comfy, damn nice and damn CHEAP somemore!! I could buy the whole shop, if I have the money la.. Went home empty handed anyway. I need more time, and more moolah!

My darling Christine. Our Nikko-grown proud Duty Manager :)

Camwhore queens. Annie's trying hard to be super kawaii here. hehe.. and Ami as usual, damn cool fella. This pic we called it a perspective shot, hor? o_O wahhh...I so pro-lah!

We asked the waiter to take this shot and he was like counting 1-2-3 in Cantonese "Yat-Yii-Sam, hong lok tang" (1-2-3 red green light - means traffic lights lah for those who dunno). He was trying to be funny I think, but ended up with his kemaluan yang tak terhingga, coz we were like staring at him weirdly. Funny meh? -_-

My green tea lemon something something... and please look at my drink k, not something else beside that catches your eyes more o_O

Ami with her claypot loh shee fun.

Annie and Christine ordered the same thing, I can't recall what is it.

Me and my food (Food, because I can't recall what I ate as well omg)

And everything's GOOD! It's wayyyyy beyond my expectation for a restaurant like this. No idea what's its called, I think same floor with the cinema in Times Square. Dunno lah, forgive me k I seldom lepak there.

It's him again! :) Just arrived from Kuantan and joined us for dinner later. My beep, my beep, my beep beep beeeeeeeepppp..~!!

Annie took this!! I think this is the best pic we got so far in our 3 years together!! waaakakakaa!!! I always love candid shot!! And I always wanna hire a photographer to follow us so we can get lots of candid shots!!! Who wanna volunteer? :p

Back to Nikko after that and we had the honour to view the new mock-up room. Vasu disallowed us to camwhore inside the room, P&C wor.. so we gotta kao tim with this ballroom view instead. The new rooms are extremely luxury and I love it muchie muchie muchie!! Scheduled to complete next year..

Love birds/ dolphin/ whatever. Lovey dovey in short. I accidentally touched the extremely hot light bulb while taking this shot and my hand scalded :( Proved I could sacrifice for purrrfect shot.

Before depart, I remembered I have not done something important. Utmost important or else this outting meant nothing to me.

A shot in the washroom :)


just.hangsing said...

i volunteer to be your photographer...but i might end up taking my own picture leh!

c r y s t said...

cizzz... u r such a camwhore too! can't wait to pose with ya =P