Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I miss her T_T

I miss her laughter, her chubby appearance and jovial personality.

I miss her signature dark rimmed glasses and her one of a kind hairdo.

I remember seeing her appearance on TV ever since I was a kid, especially during CNY. Her laughter made my day. Her motherly love, her determination, her happy-go-lucky personality inspired me all the time. And I always wondered how she maintained her signature look for ages. Pinkish flawless complexion, wrinkles-free.

I only learned about her illness like few months back. I was shocked. No wonder she wasn't hosting any TV shows for so long. When she made an appearance to receive TVB Special Achievement Award in 2007 (on Astro WLT during CNY this year), I really couldn't believe what I saw.

Shrunk, wrinkled, on wheelchair, and she looked really really haggard. She was slow in giving responses. That was the worst I could imagine.

When I searched the internet few days back, I was even shocked to see pictures of her looking like this..


Lydia Shum passed away peacefully yesterday morning (190208) at the age of 60 after she failed her battle with liver cancer. Her death has brought great lost to the entertainment industry. And I miss her so T___T

And this shocking news make me ponder, what life really means..

May your soul rest in peace..

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