Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I did last Raya

I'm back blogging again!!

Back in the cyberworld means I'm damn free already. HAHA Been meeting up some old collegemates lately who're back in KL awww my life is so meaningful! :D And furthermore I had my long 5 days break last weekend during Raya so I'm like totally rejuvenated already! :P I was in Kuantan again btw, but...


Yeah, it's the parents meet the parents time again since they last met back in my hometown last CNY. We stayed over for 3 days 2 night and everyday was filled with activities.. ;)

Yumcha in infamous Kemaman Kopitiam right after we arrived in Kuantan.

I forgot what this drink is called but I love the layers of coffee, milk and foam, topped with cocoa powder and a piece of Oreo biscuit! :D

Despite the heat and the crowd, my parents love the traditional Malay kuih over there thank god they weren't complaining! :P As for me, I always love open air dining place or just cafe by the roadside and my brother once said I'm trying to act gweilo! :( where got..

I love this pic! We were posing for timer shot and suddenly my baby nephew Zent G shouted and ended up with this happy shot! :D We were in the dragon fruit orchard btw and Kent G was amazed with that buncha crazy chickens roaming and cuckoo-ing around HAHA! City kids nowadays.. ;)

Btw, that's my bro-in-law in green top carrying my baby nephew Zent G, my 2nd sister in denim jumpsuit, my mum in green top holding my nephew Kent G and the bf's mum next to her! ;)

The bf and Zent G. All the kids love him I don't know why it's like he got that kinda fate with kids! Is this a good sign arr? :P

Off to Kemaman the next day!

And that's me camwhoring in the car with the maid staring at the back wtf. I have a few more shots with her staring as well. She's new here btw and I can tell she's pretty shock HAHA!

I looked so fair here.. and I always looked very fair when I'm next to the bf 'cause he's dark!! Bwahahahaha!!!!! :P Sorry beep.. Dark is very manly ok! Think Louis Koo hehe..

We went Pasir Hitam beach (or is it Batu Hitam??) where the sands and rocks are really black in colour! The place is kinda isolated actually.. so very little homosapiens.. :\

Love this pic! We looked so happyyyy!!!! :D And we looked so alike!!! o_O

That head scarf is actually sash from a top I got from Mustardqueen :P And thrifted top from Showpink! It's not really clear in the pic but I damn love the detaling and material of that top! :D

The bf far behind collecting seashells for Kent G.

Being Cryst. Can see a lil detaling on my top in this pic.. *sigh*

Cryst with big nostril T_____T

Had ABC in a stall nearby. Tasteless kns..

Almost the whole day was spent in car, driving from one place to another, take a peep and off to another place again till evening time and back to Kuantan again. *phew!*

The next day.

Shit. Anyone wanna sponsor me braces??? T___T Damn expensive now. I had removable one years back which I could just put it on at night and be all pretty again during day time. But as days passed I was getting lazier to put it on and later forgot all about it. And now all my unglam teeth are chucking out again.. T_______________T

Should I have braces on again?? But it's gonna be so uglyyyyyyy lah!! T__T *sigh*

Oh btw, if you're wondering where my genes came from..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love my daddy!!! :D

Mata terbeliak. o_O

Garfield looking Zent G, mum and I.

In a temple. This was on the 3rd day before we left back to KL. And I was still posing like how I would when I was 4 years old.. -_________-

I wish I never grow up.

My life with Kent G.

Look closely and you'll see the maid staring at the back again.. Ew! Scary.. -_-"

We went to a tin mining museum lawatan sambil belajar wtf. I was posing alone for this timer shot and the bf suddenly ran to me. LOL So ignore my ugly-not-ready face..

Dream car! I'm so into vintage car and am considering to buy an old Volkswagen and change to new engine, and spray metallic gold! Whoa, damn cute! :P

Last of all, we had a groupie shot before leaving to KL ;)

from left: mum, pie's mum, pie's dad, dad, sis, kent g, bro-in-law, zent g, pie and i

I know what you're thinking. Letmi clarify this a bit.
This is just a random and casual trip. Don't think too much.


leksw said...

i cannot stop thinking too much la..**i know you are thinking the same way too - get together and happy family** lol lol.. i like the pic of your pie carrying zent g - maciam the father wehh~!!

esther said... sweet.....cannot stop thinking too much too wei.... when la red bomb? haha....

Y said...

Hey thanks for adding me to your link list! :) Nice photos

Hayley said...

really happy big family.. =))
bila nak kahwin?? ;p
*fingers crossed*

shin said...

its anytime now.. anytime people.. be ready!!!... its jus a normal FAMILY gathering trip...FAMILY ok.. its just the matter of formality for the red bomb to arrive hehehe...

Anggie's Journal said...

What a good outing with the love one and family...
Oh, u and ur sister look alike, and yes, both also very pretty lei.What the age gap????

c r y s t said...

leksw: Told you not to think so much. When I was about to type out that sentence, the 1st person I thought off was YOU! HAHA

esther: Rilek laa.. no rush rush one.. :\

y: Hey dear, thx for dropping by! ;) Love yr blog!

hayley: Are we shooting the same question to each other?? HAHA!

shin: Formality and informality is the biggest issue. Since it's not 'formal' yet, don't assume laa.. HAHA when is your turn!! :P

anggie's journal: Many ppl said we looked alike too ;) Age gap? HAHA Really BIG gap you can never expect.. :P

Gwencws said...

LOL i was gona ask u bila nak kahwin when i came to the last paragraph of your post haha!

Love the pics! Especially the one where u kena bully by Kent G hahaha so funny xD

piko said...

who say u need braces?

esther said... sure most of us cannot rilek...all of your friends waiting for ur red bomb...:P

Oh ya, suddenly remember that i need to ask you whether does your sister in law still sells the self made donut necklace/ bracelet? Im interested to purchase....

c r y s t said...

gwencws: Why you also like that one! ;(

Yea, I like that pic too, but he always bully me.. all the time T___T poor e.e.

piko: Everyone T__________T

esther: Then you can start saving already so when my red bomb comes, you are ready with a BIG red packet :P

Yes, she's still selling. There're still some leftover from the flea, I'll emeil you the pics soonest k?

esther said...

Thanks babe... can you send it to Can't wait to see those beautifully self made donuts....:) :) :)

Anggie's Journal said...

Hi Cryst, can i have ur email address ???

c r y s t said...

esther: Okie dearie, will mail u asap. Personally I <3 the that chilli and cherry necklace more :P

anggie's journal:

Why arr? What you wanna send to me? :P

Amelia said...

halo, are u from kuantan?
i'm from kuantan! :D

c r y s t said...

amelia: hi dear! no, im not from kuantan, but my bf is from kuantan! ;)

piko said...

oh, everyone say you need braces huh. can add me to the list? hahahaha jkjk...

i still cant see anything wrong though. but wont wanna wait until they all flip out eh? hahahhaa