Friday, September 21, 2007


Each morning as I arrived in my office and walked past the reception, I saw pictures of the poor girl at the front page of almost every newspaper. It's been quite disturbing. Everyone in the office are talking about it. And everyone's wondering if she's Nurin?

DNA result proved that it matched Nurin's parents. But why did they denied? Perhaps it's hard for the parents to accept the fact that their missing daugther was murdered brutally. But for me, isn't it unfair for the poor girl?

She suffered a month without any solid food, being tortured and worst, brinjal and cucumber were inserted in her private parts. Holy shit. After all these torture and finally ended all her pains, she was unidentified. If, I mean if, she's really Nurin, don't you think her body deserved to be claimed and buried in a proper way by her beloved family?

How could the beast be so cruel to a helpless little girl? He's absolutely out of his mind. Where's the humanity? I heard one of the chinese newspaper mentioned that the case was similar to a case happened about 10 years ago, where a little girl was killed when the murderer inserted a long stick in her private part and pushed it right up to her heart. And the murderer still wonders about till today.

Also, I heard there were cases happened recently in Kampung Baru.That particular serial rapist/ murderer/ whatsoever kidnapped little girls and sexually abused them, and brinjals were found there as well *takes a deep breath*

What happened to the society today? I mean killing a person is total insane, moreover it's a little cute and innocent girl, and *takes another deep breath* what's with cucumber and brinjal?!!

*shudders and closes legs tightly*

Ladies, please take care of yourself and be extra careful ok. Guys too.


Edit: I just found a page dedicated to the memory of Nurin Jazlin. *click here* to read more.


just.hangsing said...

oh wow so scary! u ought to tell me more news thats going on back home...

leksw said...

yea yea..a moment of silent for Nurin... *amen*

c r y s t said...

hey peepz, check out the new link at the bottom of this post to read more.

chouji said...

so kesian that lil girl.. heat wrenching man... =.= and i quite agree with you, wth?!?!? brinjals and cucumbers? really sick man... you guys/girls take care of yourselves... dont want those kinda things happening to my friends... hard to swallow

c r y s t said...

i wonder what's wrong with the world today.. dya read abt the 10yr old boy licked the 4yr old lil' girl? *sigh*

chouji said...

=.= OMG!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD?!?!?!?!? SIEN JOR!!!! got link to the news or not? i'm really lost... why these days' news so inhuman wan? so disturbing... what's wrong people?!?!?!

c r y s t said... but it's not so in detailed. my collegue read to me from a chinese newspaper.