Thursday, September 20, 2007

I got funny nephews..

My parents were here in KL last weekend and as usual family gathering equals kiddified day! uHm, letmi count.. right now I have 4 nephews - 5 year-old, 4 year-old, 3 year-old and 1 year-old and a baby niece of 7 months old. And oh, another baby nephew on the way!! :P

*look up and down.. "where's mine?"*

So on Sunday we went window shopping in One Utama and we left the kids in Art Attack for an hour..hehee

I got funny nephews... -______-

Kent G and Jayearn are so close to each other and they got so excited each time they met! They enjoyed themselves so much throughout these 2 days; from gun to snooker, to basketball, to cooking, to art and more.. Random arguements but they forgive and forget :)

So my mum, my 2nd sis and I went shopping without any 'burden' as the kids were left in the art centre. And we left my pie and bro-in-law outside the boutique..HAHAHA!!!!

Wawawa... my sis's stomach getting bigger and bigger~!! And I tell you, Kent G is an absolute protective brother! The other day Jayearn jokingly said the baby in my sis's tummy is a kangaroo and Kent G was so so so mad and cried. OMGGGGGG....

And finally I found a long black leggings I've been searching everywhere for so long!!!

:) :) :) :) :)

So after an hour we went pick up the two monsters, and they were done with their arts.

Jayearn with a gigantic camera and Kent G with a mini rocket. Happy and satisfied..

Alamak, why both my nephews looked like cartoon characters... -_-"

Oh...How can I forget to post up my lil' princess's pic!! She's such a sweetheart!!! :D


leksw said...

alamak miau?? wanting kids already? seek help from piee... he's the only one that can help... =)

c r y s t said...

calling pie-pie!! calling pie-pie!! *ahem* sheau, after u la..

Just.Hangsing said...

such a lucky e-e wait till you have kids next time everyone going to spoil your little one!!! i adore kids but i'm to young for it..maybe you ladies are getting ready - preparing for it? 2-3yrs time?

DreaMachine said...

Looks like you got your hands full already, babe. Ugh... Friday!! One more day to go till weekend but its still a whole day

c r y s t said...

just: oh oh oh!!! a shocking news for u la hangsing!!! jing jing our miss kdu is married!! o_O

dreamachine: it's still a long to go wailing.. oh, weekdays shucks!!! T_T

shin said...

Cryst... Yala shocking news bout JJ rite?? i was like 'argghhhhh???' for a few seconds..
So i foresee ur turn coming up soon..
already planning for babies.. u r more than prepared la.... lek agree with me??

c r y s t said...

shin: i 'arghhhhhh??' for more than a day.. -_- no la, we get married together-gether k? the more the merrier =)