Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The mall was empty..

I figured out I shouldn't stay at home on Friday night so I picked up my mobile and dated Ami and Annie. Off for a gossiping session in Bangsar Village again!

I was wondering around before they arrived and spotted this comfy chillout place on the 3rd floor called Banquet. White rattan chair nicely organized, spacious and quiet, perfect for a girly gossip night :)

Mmmm..~ My double espresso ice and I couldn't get to sleep the whole night -_-"

Ami came right after work and she had new perm. I kept telling her that her head is much bigger than her body and she looked so unbalanced!! LOL!!

Anti-western food gurl. Ami with her local prawn mee.. ai~

Why my arm looked like a stick here T_T but in real life they're so flabby T_T

Ami's hand running wild.. We gotta leave as they're closing soon. Ami still in her formal office wear at this hour. Potong steam sial~

Neither wanna wait for Ami to get home, bath, change and come out again so we decided to part.. but oh, camwhore first!

Mission failed. Both were still busy yakking while I already set the timer and stood there like an idiot waiting for them. So in the end, only me alone.. all alone...

Finally ;) Told ya, Ami really potong steam with her blazer..

That's what gonna happen when the entire shopping centre was empty..


leksw said...

no no...not potong steam but she stands out among the 3 of u...haha.. =)

c r y s t said...

cizz..next time i'll go out with my bikini so i can stand out among the crowd..huahaha!!! :P