Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ramadhan Feast!

Last Friday I went for buka puasa buffet with ex-collegues from Nikko. Initial plan was to Shangri-La, then changed to KL Hilton and finally we ended up in Renaissance, with 50% off for the buffet!!

I'm not a heavy eater and not fond of any food in particular. One thing why I love buffet is that I could taste a lil' of everything here and there or, just dump aside if I don't feel like eating. A small plate of starter, a lil of roast lamb and beef and another 1 or 2 round of desserts and I'm so done with it. Call it a waste, that's why I only take EXPENSIVE foods whenever I go for buffet.

I call this Big Head Prawn <333

This is one item I'm dying for each time I go for buffet. Simple, it's cute and appears nice on photos! Haha.. the prawns are dying with grace!

21 pax turned up. I left Nikko in the late 2005, and wasn't too close to most of the new staff. However, camwhore session is a must! As usual, Mr. Hiyama the Director of Rooms joined us and he's always the first to get tipsy.

Miss Popularity, Ami Chan was extremely late as usual. And we ended up accompanying her at another small table as the long one was reserved only for 20 pax. Punctuality...*sigh* And she did not change her attire as promised! Still clad in her office attire till late night =(

Notice my hand running wild! We used to call ourselves "Best In Town FOAs".

I dunno why everyone cramped at this small table instead of the long one..

We got complimentary red wines! =D That's the benefit of becoming a hotelier! I actually asked Mun to pose sensually and she gave me this =( Fail la...fail!!

So, I showed her the correct way to be sensual.. HAHAHA!!

And she said me hiao -_________-. I gave her another.

And again she said I'm posing the same way all the time... =(

Nah. OK?

Tell you a secret, the one I'm holding isn't white white or whatsoever. It's sugar syrup for the ice lemon tea!! LOL!!

I almost forgot to introduce Vasu, the most good-looking Duty Manager in Nikko.

Also, the most hairy one.

He's definately proud of himself!

*click* for more pictures!!


jeepeng said...

eat eat eat...become fat fat, LOL!

jeepeng said...

wah!naughty hand!

c r y s t said...

fat fat fat but still leng leng leng and cute cute cute! haha..