Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Someone told me before my face looked like pizza.

Last Friday I had a gathering again with ex-Nikkolites! A not-so-complete gathering this time, but definately will have another one this coming Ramadhan. *note to self-Ramadhan buffet dinner at Shangri-La!

Outfit for that night.

You can't see clearly from the pic but I'm wearing a wooden heart-shaped necklace I've been searching for years! Absolute love ;-)

Oh, btw this pic was taken in TopShop while I was waiting for their arrival. Yala, usual camwhoring in fitting room to kill time. Coincidently, it was Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi Ling appearance in KLCC for her Osim uSqueeze and the crowd was insane! Will blog about it in my next post!

So, I met up with these few ladies in KLCC park first. Malaysian time-lah, everyone's late..

Wahhhh....Mun, your strawberry from Cameron Highlands arr? o_O

Initial plan was to Chinoz, but it was too crowded so we ended up in California Pizza.

The gurls.

What happened to the rest of Nikkolites? Again, Malaysian style-lah, they aeroplaned. Nurul (girl on far right) is doing part time modelling now, she's wayyyyy taller than me! OK, don't ask me how tall am I. But I thought the way she 'wrapped' herself that night looked like some kinda bandage. LOL~!! Sorry-lah nyokkkkkkkk...~

Hayashi-san and Raffi. Hayashi is new Japanese staff from Nikko chain in Japan and he was a total joker of the night! Oh well, too bad I did not have the chance to work with him..

There were 9 of us so we're separated into two groups. My group of 5 - Annie, Shah, Nurul and bf, including myself ordered these 2 pizzas. Don't ask me what's the name! I forgot. Nurul ordered a soup as well and it was horrible!!! Tasted like some kinda kuah you dip with roti canai so it was left there, untouched, ready to be served to another table again if they wished to.

And the other group - Mun, Connie, Hayashi and Raffi ate so much! They're like gluttons! They ordered 2 pizzas like us, then added 2 more pastas. We did not want to be left out, so we ordered another brownie!


And that led them to order another slice of Chocolate Cake later.. Kiasu-ness~

Opps..!! I indulged again..!! I shall go on diet soon~

Mun and Connie left earlier as their beloved darlings were already waiting to pick them up. How sweeetttt~ So left 7 of us, camwhoring at the balcony. Most diners already left as we yakk and yakkkk till late at night and even joked with the waiters. Oh, thinking back, we're extremely memalufyingkan that night.

Ya Allah..tell me I'm NOT the shortest.. T_______T


Vincent Cho said...

i went to see lin chi ling as well that night~ can check my blog if u know what i was writing~ haha~

c r y s t said...

lol.. i did check out yr blog fr time to time but den its all in chinese and i can't read chinese -_-"

Vincent Cho said...

it's ok. but i think i did see u that day too~ walking out from topshop. i was at the ground floor. hehehe~

c r y s t said...

realli?!!!! oh..why didn't u say hi!!

Vincent Cho said...

i was at ground floor, u were at concourse woh~ how to say hi?!!

c r y s t said...

run down ler... lolz