Thursday, September 13, 2007

Calling Bill Gates..

Day time online at office 9 hours straight;

Night time stay at home edit 87423547581238 photos.

I'm infected with PC-Addict Virus. Can't seem to find any antivirus software at the moment.

* pls ignore Kent G's stuffs behind me, and also ignore my dark undereye circles.. *


leksw said...

yea yea..put the blame on that genius who created camera....hahaa....=)

c r y s t said...

...and also the genius who created adobe photoshop... and free blogsite... -_-

just.hangsing said...

Alamak...Take care of your eyes k! Wont want it to spoil..later need to wear glasses la.

chouji said...

OI BILA NAK SHOOT!??!? k we set one time and place ady... dun saja talk. talk so much no meaning. 21st weekend i no free. so when when?

c r y s t said...

just: wear glasses aso pretty ma, sophisticated look..hehe

chouji: ala, 21st weekend i free, the week after i not free... -_-