Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baboobeep first offline sale!

I never imagine I'll end up having a stall for my Baboobeep. Was rushing like mad as it was a last minute decision and very last minute confirmation as well. To look for a suitable rack, to making the price tag and signboard. I didn't know there's so much work to do!!

Running late on that day itself. We're suppose to be there by 1030am but we reached around 1045am, and most of the stalls were almost done with their set-up. So I rushed in with BIG bags and asked around for the organizer. Initially I had my stall next to my sister's (yes, she had a stall there too!) but since I had a rack with me, I gotta shift in. According to the organizers, the BSC management doesn't allow any clothing rack to face the road.

Oh btw, no one feedback to me on the carpark incident yet. BSC management SUCKS big time!

It was really hot and humid when it started, I was dripping wet in my sweat. The crowd came in very slowly. Thinking back, it wasn't a right decision to set up a stall there as there wasn't much customers patronizing BSC anyway! Don't get me start talking about the management again. BOO! :( The bazaar supposed to start at 11am and it was kinda quiet till around noon time.

(Picture stolen from Chics Closet)

Before I could even sell off a top, I spent money on my brunch in Coffee Bean -___- die la like that..

With the organizers from Chics Closet. Very friendly duo I'd say ;) Nice meeting you!! *waves hand*

(Picture stolen from Chics Closet)

And this is my sister's stall. She brought back some stuff from India during her holiday few months back and wanted to join me for some fun as well! HAHA And that's her best friend, Kimmy.

(Picture stolen from Chics Closet)

I set up a stall together with my sis-in-law. I had my half share of goodies from Baboobeep while she had her share of another half, selling decorations and accessories made of clay. All handmade herself, till wee hour in the morning to rush for this day. HAHAHAHA!!! :P

Are you tempted already?!! :D

Doughnut rings! The doughnut necklaces were all sold off before I could take a picture of it. I might be posting up some in Baboobeep for sale soon.

RM5 for unlimited play. So they had whole dan of fun while we the adults work our asses off.

Sisters by chance. Friends by choice! :) Many said we look alike..

My neighbour Hwee Inn from AQMore.

And guess what. When the crowd started to come in around 1pm, IT RAINED!

WTF WTF WTF T_________T

Yes, it was raining cats and dogs my goodness sake and it was quite windy that we gotta pack our stuff and move in. I gotta say that there wasn't much preparation made for sudden act of God like this.

Most of out stuff got wet. Some traders decided to wrap up early. A trader told me it's better for her to make little lost than wasting money on paying for carpark..

Grumpy me cos Rain = No business. :(

And guess what, when I was in the lowest mood, I got a surprise!!!!

Oh-the-beep! Oh-the-beep!!!!! He did not inform me that he's coming to support me *touched* Aww.. he made my day ;)

With my sister's family who're all there as well to support her. My eldest sister dropped by earlier and she was like "What? Having family day here arr?" Haha indeed we were enjoying ourselves there.. :P

Zent G loves my fedora..

He really loves it...

My stall after we moved in to a shaded place. It was still raining..

Having fun at her stall again - cos there's no customer at all T__T

Handmade puppet snake from India + nerd on the left.

Kimmy, whom I cal Ah Guat cece ;) 'Cause I've known her since I was still a little girl. She told me that day, "Mei mei, you're no longer mei mei.. -__-" Yala, I've grown wtf.

Still raining T___T Nevertheless, the leftover traders braved ourselves through the rain and as expected, business wasn't that promising. The whole of WIP Cafe was crowded with traders instead of customers. hohoho..

Being Cryst.

Wrapped off at 6pm and rushed home for dinner and ready for Olympic closing ceremony. Though the crowd that day were really unexpected, we're all having fun. My mum called a few times and most of the time I answered her with, "I'm having tea time in Coffee Bean!" "Digging for treasures in other stalls now!" "Playing with my nephews laa.."

Family day, innit? :\


Hayley said...

hmm..seems like u having so much fun!
aiseh too bad i wasnt at KL if not sure i go visit u heheh... :p

mustardqueen said...

EHH ur sis in law hor?? She makes them wan is it?? Can ask her help me make like cake and cupcake those kind ar?? :P:P I wanna custom make things can? cos i want something so badly but so expensive i wanna cry liao =((

Anggie's Journal said...

oh great, u r having a small store there ... good , slowly can buka ur own business liau la .

Seem u having alot of fun, meeting many frens EVEN was raining ....

A good experience !!!

c r y s t said...

hayley: next time if i'm setting up a stall again u come come k? ;)

mustardqueen: HAHA ya, she can custom made. probably u email me the pic then i'll ask her abt it? got my emel add??

anggie's journal: i wish i could!! :D ya, i was having fun despite business was really slowww... hehe

Chics Closet said...

Hey Cryst!

Thanks for the participation. We'd love to have you again at Damansara Perdana soon! :-) You are one of the most fashionable gal that day. If only Karen of Emmagem could make it (she was ill...boohooo!) she would snap your pic and have it posted in the website! Hehehe...

Peeps @ Chics Closet

c r y s t said...

chics closet: Hie hie!!! *waves hand frantically* Thx for dropping by! ;) It was indeed a wonderful experience. Hope to see u guys again very soon aight!

leksw said...

i think it's a good stepping stone to start you own business...keep it up~!! and so sweeettttt of your pie.. went all the way to support.. =)

c r y s t said...

leksw: stepping stone.. i hope so la.. fingers crossed. ciz ciz who came kl but cabut go penang never come support har har har? :(