Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New ID Launching @ JWM

Its like just a week ok? I did not dragged for too long *opps*

Just a good news for all, Acer just launched the all new look for it's notebook. The dazzling "GemStone" and also the sophisticated "ProFile". Gonna be available in the market by end of the month.

So last week, Tuesday 15th, there was this launching dinner in JW Marriott Hotel and I was there again to help out with the registration and also, to hold the 'lucky bowl' on stage for the lucky draw. I'm always the one being assigned to hold the 'lucky bowl' but where is my "LUCK" ?? *looks around*

Candided while I was busy preparing the registration listing. Most guests that came were resellers, staff from Acer's branches and press.

We prepared "GemStone" bracelet as doorgift for every guests. I personally think it's a lil' funny but somehow it's actually connected to our theme of the night.

Hehe.. still can pose a lil' before entertaining the next guest. Efficient eh?

With few of my collegues. The three ladies sitting beside me are material planner and the one standing is my supervisor. Kla, till now me still the youngest (also the cutest) in my company. ARGH~!! Why aren't they employ fresh graduates hur??

Pretty emcee of the night, Josephine Goh. I heard she was 2nd runner up for Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006. She also hosts a few talk shows and acts in local drama series. Anyone know her? I think she's absolutely gorgeous..

Models parade with designer's dresses by Daniel Chong (winner of MIFA 2006). Two gentlemen on stage are General Manager, Ricky (left) and Notebook Product Manager, Low (right).

Meanwhile, Head of Business Desktop and Server, Chan was proudly introducing the latest Aspire L320 in a space-saving form factor that's up to 1o times smaller than a traditional PC tower!

And we have this local artiste which I dunno what's her name.. any idea? No worries, no pondan this time. And oh, no pole dancer as well. I actually preferred those pondan and pole dancer, at least the crowd is not so d-e-a-d.

This gentleman was one of the Malaysian contestant for the 'Chan Hou Yat Teng' show. I dunno what is it called in English, but it's a HK show. He performed martial arts that night, but no rock breaking..*aye*

And lastly, as mentioned earlier, I was assigned to hold da 'lucky bowl' on stage. The grand winner of the night brought back the new ID notebook. Lucky her~!!! And I did not get any luckier since that day thou.. *sad*


In an unrelated incident (walao!), I bought another dress online again! I tell you, it's SO-DAMN-LOVELY-OK???

Tell me it is :D


leksw said...

wah wah wah....new launch again with new dress....n is that ur new camera???

c r y s t said...

new launch, new dress...but not new camera. its my bro's cam, mine with mum.. =)