Thursday, May 24, 2007


I received another annoying call from a customer just now.

Customer: Can you recommend me notebook for office use?
Me: If for office use, you can refer to our TravelMate series sir.
Customer: What sili?
Me: (annoyed) TravelMate series sir...
Customer: You cannot recommend a notebook to me arr?
Me: (frustrated) Like what I mentioned, you can refer our TravelMate series for office use. But which model suitable will be depending on your own requirement.
Customer: You cannot recommend arr?
Me: (started swearing inside) It depends on your requirement sir, like what kinda software you'll be running on, the software requirement...
Customer: (laugh)

*knock head**knock head* It's the boyfriend. T________T


Dad, mum, aunt, uncle and grandma flew off to China yesterday. Will be back only on the 3rd June. So shiok! Me wanna go holiday too but me dun wanna go China, yet. Still desparately wanna go Phuket, again.

Me love the place. Me love the people. Me love the beach. Me love the flea markets. Me love the cheapo pedicure and manicure there. Me love the feeling of walking just wearing bikini on the streets and nobody stares weirdly or hamsup-ly at me. Me love the feeling of exposing my flabs and feel gorgeous.

And me love not having to wake up 6am every morning and stuck in the jam for an hour and being lifeless during work and stuck in the jam again for another hour when going back and hell, I hate working!!!


I'm in need of a bigger wardrobe. No, I'm in need of $$$. I spent too much lately which I suspected it's some kinda hormone imbalance -_- Blame it to PMS. But I can't stop the craving!! Been buying non-stop everyweek from Selltrade and Bangsar. And gaWd...why am I working walking distance from KLCC??

Am trying to clear off some items now, but seemed not so laku eh when I posted up in Selltrade. Maybe the price I set is a lil' too high, but hello? Most are brand NEW items eh!!


And I miss you, so much. Distance kills.

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