Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Short updatez

A fully occupied weekend.

Cheeky Kent G celebrated his early 5th birthday in McD last Saturday and it was a blast. It was a costume party and all his friends were dressed in their best.

Him with his King's costume was pretty much overjoyed. And as usual, me.....

....camwhored kaw-kaw with this 'scary' Hamburglar. Why I said 'scary'? Cos when this lil' thing came, some kids were of course jumping and screaming happily but some were too afraid and crying their lungs out -_-

Too much pics taken on that day so no full updatez yet, till I finish editing.

After the party, I met up with Ami in Bangsar (yea, Bangsar again) and we shopped and shopped and chit and chat... I was wearing my new pumps and my feet hurt damn much and I felt almost like a crippled.

And these are little something I bought.

Houndstooth print tube top, button earrings and a white clutch! I'm a happy girl...

Went for dinner in a Japanese restaurant in Bangsar Village and lucky us cos Ami knew the Management Trainee over there and we ate and ate and ate like glutton! Sashimi, bibimbab, sushi, etc...etc... and we only paid RM20 plus! WuuUuuuu...~!!

Satisfaction guaranteed. We are happy ghosts! :D

Pie came in the midnight and reached KL early morning on Sunday *teary eyed*. Chilling the whole day, did not managed to watch Pirates of the Carribean III cos the tickets were all sold out. *sigh*

And my poor boy went back Kuantan that night itself... and I miss him already~ :(

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