Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2nd Day in Macau!

It seemed like I'm rushing to meet my assignment. Everyday after work, I have that kinda stress, to finish blogging about my trip. Because I know myself, the longer I drag, the lazier I am. I gotta blog everything before I lost that kinda feel. -_-

Anyway, the second way we decided to stay in Macau. The initial plan was to Hong Kong the second day. But due to the genius us who got lost on the way back hotel the night before and went Venetian till late at night, our feet told us to rest for another day.

So we woke up kinda early..

First shot of the day at backlane of some deserted area.. Pie seemed to remember all the roads and ways to Centro after the 'lost incident' the night before! Smarto!

I wanted to go to those authentic coffee shop for breakfast, and we ended up in this shop.

Ada feel~!! :) This old man who sat at the cashier kept mumbling and complaining at us (we're sitting very near to him): "Yau hei kar, thong hei kar, mat yeh tor hei kar.. ngo tei hei kar ko ko yan tor chou chou chou!" (translate: price for oil increased, sugar increased, everything increased.. but everyone kept complaining when we increase our price!" He kept repeating and repeating and repeating...*enchoes wtf*

And look! Everything is in.. CHINESE?!! *sien* Pie read me the menu..

Next we went walking around casually and ended up in this random church. Told ya, there're churches everywhere.

I was trying to pose as a normal human, fearing that certain act might be prohibited in church :( And I thought I was TOO normal!

JESUS and I :D Don't I looked normal? o_O

We're trying to make confession but look, the bf smiling there already when I tried to snap -_-

And I thought of a very abnormal way to shot an extremely normal shot.

Me like... :)

I know I've posted this photo before, but I would wanna post it again coz it looked so romantic! *blush* I feel loved everytime I see this :P

Hor? ;)

And finally... our proudest moment...

Reaching Ruins of St. Paul's!!! :)

Dum dee daa..~

HAHAHAHAHAA~!!! The bf looked so funny here! :P And why am I always be the one kissing him in all shots? -_-

Tourists overloaded. I guess perhaps it was peak period during new year. Indians, Malays, Philippines, Mat Sallehs, apa-apa pun ada.. It was kinda hard to get a nice shot at the Ruins of St. Paul's coz it was really crowded.

You can't see this clearly, but it's all about CRYPT. I don't know what is crypt but since it's a little similiar to my name, Cryst, I camwhored. Back home I check the dictionary:

"Crypt: A room under a church, used for burying people"


I bought some biscuits as souvenirs since there's nothing much to shop around. Koi Kei - most famous in Macau. I heard they're famous for the peanut sweets, but no, I did not try.

Anyway for lunch, everything was in CHINESE again..

Pie read me the menu again, as if he was forfeited to read out an article in class..

OMG the fried wanton so nice and I'm salivating again now T_T Got minced meat and 2 big fat juicy prawns inside and the wanton skin is damn extremely bloody crispy!!!

Ju-On's sister.

Proceeded to the Fisherman's Wharf next. When I heard of the name I was wondering what so nice of visiting a fisherman's village??

It's no ordinary fisherman's village - and nothing to do with fisherman or whatsoever.

Me being out of control..

It's something like a mini world - Rome, Spanish, Cape Town, Babylon, Tang Dynasty, etc.. It's too big and we did not manage to walk all the places.

So I went out of control, again. Check out more pictures in my Multiply site!

Coffee break overlooking the bridge connecting Macau Peninsular to Taipa. My stupid brother said I lied to him that actually I went to Penang -_-

And so we lepak-ed there till late evening..

... before we proceeded to next destination - Grand Lisboa!

More pictures *click* !!


leksw said...

yea..that pic really looks like you were in

c r y s t said...

leksw: tell u what, i actually went to penang and malacca -_- wtf