Sunday, January 6, 2008

First day in Macau!

Edit: *click* for more photos!!

Oh my God... I actually have more than 800+ photos of my trip!! And I finally done with my editing!!! With 3 different software summore.. and edited for 3 different sites: Friendster, blog and Multiply.. whOa!! Can die man.. -__-" Who wanna sponsor new glasses for me? T_T

And in a blink of eye, this was like last week's story.. of me taking off first time, ALONE, to another country.

The aunty who sat beside me kept staring at me as if I'm like first time jakun on flight wtf. First time flying alone ma, so what? :(

I always love snapping pic of the cloud. Doesn't it looked like cotton candy? ;) And yes, red wing resembles Air Asia.

It took about 3 hr 45 mins to reach Macau. God, upon reaching the custom the queue was like bloody long and slow and I needed to use the washroom so damn badly. 1 second felt like forever.. I was holding my breath and almost jump queue straight to the front and shout to the officer "EMERGENCY!! Let me go first!" T_T

But, I did not..

Right after I walked out, my pie was already there! :)

So smart of him to take a shot of me ;) But beep, your camera damn fail la..

Finally together after 2 long weeks!! *teary eyed* In the taxi from Taipa (where the airport located) to Macau, checking in hotel first before starting our day..

It was too last minute plan and most hotels were fully booked. Furthermore it was peak season and I was so worried few days before that we might ended up sleeping by the roadside on cardboard with all the cow dungs.. Luckily we managed to book Macau Masters Hotel. It wasn't any great 4 or 5 stars hotel, but at least, it's better than what I've expected..

Hotels were all freaking expensive!! This small room was like about RM400 per night! So gotta camwhore kaw-kaw, contra back ma.. Anyway, all these syok-sendiri shots were taken when the bf was down in the reception to settle some stuff. Notice the curtains were not even up yet when we checked in -__-"

Our first meal in Macau :)

So yummylicious! The one in the middle was some sorta fried rice with curry and baked cheese..

Fried seafood rice in pineapple, with cheese on top baked to perfection.. MmmMm~ And milk tea is a MUST! People there wasn't that friendly thou. It was as if we owe her something when we're ordering foods, kept rushing us and her intonation was damn rude :(

First destination, we went to A-Ma Temple which already existed before the city of Macau came into being.

But oh well, for me it's just like any other temple..

And we left shortly. I wonder if this shot prohibited in temple? =\

And next we walked all the way down to Centro, a more happening place compared to the A-Ma Temple area. Churches, shoppings, eateries, everything! But I guess this is the wrong season to visit Macau if you're planning to shop, coz there're nothing but winter clothing.. sienzz..

So it was almost new year and people there were still in Christmas mood. Great.

Churches, churches and more churches.. there're churches everywhere. We took a shot at this church, simply because, it was random -__-"

I love this pic! Amazing colours combination ;) Of all shots taken by strangers, I think self-timer shots are the best, always.. This shot was taken inside the church btw.

Sky turned dark early about 6 something. We tried to walked back to hotel and got lost wtf. Were walking around town and asked so many people but everyone pointed at different direction. And the weather was so cold! I was wearing peeptoes and got bad cramp a few times. Poor baby gotta wait for me as I sat on bench trying to massage my poor feet T_T

Lesson No.1: Never wear peeptoes during winter.

Finally got a taxi who willing to fetch two poor souls back to hotel. We took a rest and next, we were ready to hit Venetian!

Very cool free shutter bus to Venetian ;)

Venetian was GREAT! Beautiful architecture, beautiful arts, inspired by rich history of Venice.


I mean, look at my lanci boots! My FIRST pair of boots.. T_T Camel coloured like what I've always dreamt of T_T I felt so IN T_T

The Grand Canal Shoppes. There're also gondolas like those in Venice. And this is the morning side if Venetian.

So cantik-kan?

Night side of Venitian ;)

We actually asked a security guard to help us to snap a pic but he refused. In the end we used old-school method - timer. Cheh, no help needed also got nice shots what! *lanci face*

Pictures speak better than words. And all these shots were taken using timer mind you! (why am I so talented??)

There're too much photos for me to post up here in my blog so I shall be posting up the complete sets in my Multiply, but I guess it won't be that soon. I'm getting blind and I'm serious T_T First day trip completed and do check out for my 2nd day trip (also in Macau) in a few days time.. Insya-Allah..

One last photo of the day.

Off to bed, goodnite~


Just said...

why u guys didnt fly to macau together?

c r y s t said...

just: he was there a week earlier for business den only i decided to join him there!