Thursday, October 18, 2007

Project Baboobeep.

I spent almost the whole morning browsing through online boutiques today. Gosh, this two weeks I spent a lot on my online purchases! This morning, one top arrived. Got it from STKL, my usual shopping paradise ;)

I'm setting up another site now to sell off those lovelies I got but never get a chance to wear them. After I cleared up all my stuff, perhaps I'll try to bring in my own clothing line. I'm still working on it, yet to confirm. Been doing some research for quite some time..

Baboobeep.. that'll be the name of my new online boutique ;)

Why Baboobeep?

I've been brainstormed for quite some time, researching through the internet, language translation, etc. I don't wanna end up with a lame name; shopaholics, shopping paradise, whatever. I just need something simple, with a twist!

And I was listening to Hits.FM this morning and heard something like Bazooka in Laundry, or something like that. I thought it was cool! So, here comes Baboobeep.

Baboo = Baby language I used with the bf *tsk*

Beep = You're right. That's what I call the bf, beep beep!! :p

So, baboo + beep.. Hey!!! It rhymes!!

Oh, well, I am supposed to blog about my stay in Sunway Resort last weekend. Whole lot of pictures pilling up again, but I guess I'll blog about it when I'm in the mood. Tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Self-obsession is not an offence!


妮娃娃 said...

Sweetie, you have my supports all the way from East M'sia... muaks! =)

c r y s t said...

thanx darl.. <3 and thanks for dropping by..did not expect its u!! =)