Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I did last Raya

Oh my God!! I did not keep my promise to blog everyday!!! o_O

Pictures pilling up. Letmi start with my short trip to Malacca during Raya with the bf and friends. Initial plan was to Penang but figured out it's wayyyyyy too far and we don't wanna stuck in the bad jam so we ended up in Malacca.

And yeah, we couldn't avoid the jam as well ;(

We proceeded straight to our accommodation once we reached there. 2 days 1 night in Equitorial hotel. And here, my favourite place to camwhore. Good lighting, big mirror ;)

Took a short nap and headed straight for food hunting! Jonker Street was so crowded with cars and people hanging out by the roadside and I tell you, it's worse than the jam during peak hour in KL -_-" And people were queuing under the hot sun at all the famous restaurants. Colourful umbrellas everywhere and I regretted for not snapping their pics! Haha.

Being not so tourist-y, we decided to head to a not-so-famous chicken rice ball restaurant.

Gotta share table with strangers somemore, so no pics ;(

Whatelse, trip to Malacca wouldn't be complete without pictures from Christ Church and other famous historical spots. Too common place to shoot, but that's Malacca ok?

Very random.

Oh, guess what. I was so brave the other day!!!! I overcome my fear towards reptiles!!!

Ohhh...I love snake now~ Dum dee daa... Did you ever heard of a saying that snake lover exhibit quite a sexual appeal? Haha!!

Hiking up to A-Famosa. It was extremely sunny the other day.

I dunno him wtf. And Mr. Tan, why are you posing like that?? -_-"

I saw a purrrrrfect hole to camwhore, so in we go. Him being the clean freak, did not want to sit ;( Pun jadi-lah~

I'm taking a stroll back in time with all these splendid architecture. There're lots of carved drawings by the wall depicting an era long gone. Eh? How come I never see those carving the last time I went? *freaked out*

Love-love ok? <3

En. Mohd Elvis bin Presley.

And pie rode me in this infamous rickshaw back to the carpark. It's damn fuglyyyyyyyy right? T_T We're actually checking out the price with another rickshaw man and told him we needed 2 rickshaws. And he called up his kaki that came standing before us with this un-glam one.

Perhaps you must be thinking there's nothing wrong with this right?? Check out the one we took 2 years back.

See the difference?? ;(

We did nothing much after that. Went back hotel, took a short nap and went out for dinner again at Jonker Street. Street market with whole lot of restaurants and stalls that serve tantalising foods. People mountain people sea. We're again stuck in a very bad jam and took hours to get a parking.

The next day we spent the whole morning in the hotel. Breakfast and lazing around till checkout time.

The only complete shot of me, the bf, Kenny and Jessy. Taken at the lobby of Equitorial hotel right after checking out.

Check out this durian cendol we had in Bibik House in Jonker Street before we left home!

uHm, maybe it doesn't look presentable, but definately worth a try for durian lovers!

I'm loving it.

We're loving it.

Will you too? ;)

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