Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I wanna see rainbows everyday.

Have anyone felt the feeling of LDR? It isn't too far but definately isn't near for us to meet.

When he decided to be back working in his hometown, I thought it's gonna be hard at first. Every night I slept in tears. Thinking back, how foolish I was! We're only 3 hours distance from each other, but somehow I always felt that we're so near, and yet so far. In a blink of eye, it's almost a year plus we're separated. Of course on and off, he'll be here almost every weekend, or vice versa.

Keeping this LDR alive is definately gonna be hard. Many times I forced myself to be tougher. To be independant. But at times, I'm tired to be tough outside, coz the me inside stands weak on my own.

When I need someone to share my joy and sorrow, I could only listen to his gentle voice through phone. A warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a tender kiss, in my own imagination until we meet again. And I always tell myself to be strong.

From today onwards, exactly 10 more days until we meet again. 10 days, definately is a short period compared to those couples separated to two different sides of the world. But in this 10 days, I do miss you all the time. And I do always hope our LDR wouldn't last for long.

Very soon, I want to see myself buzzing around you anytime I like it :D

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