Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SinChew yesterday!

Whoooooooooooooopzzzz...~!!!! I'm in the paper yesterday!

Just killlllllllllllllllllll me....out of so many pics taken that day, why selected this? I looked SO FAT!!! (must be the angle!! must be the angle!!! blame the photographer!!!)

This pic was taken during my company's product launching the other day in JW Marriott. A guy came to me and introduced himself as photographer from SinChew and asked if he could take my photos for this "Today I'm the Prettiest" column in Metro Edition. He mentioned there'll be RM300 worth of prizes and I thought, why not? Only after few months, my pic finally out, and to my total shock, they published the fattest and ugliest one they took..


Last Saturday I went boutiques-hopping in Bangsar with Shin aka Ms.Wong.

We tried on so many tops and dresses and ended up empty handed. We were gossiping non-stop and before we knew it, sky was already dark and we're off for another session!!

Decanter, Sri Hartamas.

l-r: Ram, Kevin, Jason, me, Shin and KK

Dylon left early to join his friends in Souled Out and left the 6 of us chit-chatting, drinking and camwhoring the whole night. At that moment, I was missing those friends that are not here in KL. Wishing they could join us, and we could have a purrrfect and complete gathering. Sheauwen, Esther, Justin, Keanleim, Ernest, Chris and Yunny. My perfect gathering would be complete if you guys are around..

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