Monday, July 9, 2007

2 Big + 3 Small Candles

** too much of pending posts and I needa skip a few! a break makes a person lazy, agree?

My BIRTHDAY! (2nd July '07)

It was just last week that I applied for 2 days leave and left to Kemaman on Saturday morning. The boyfriend gotta work and me ended up sitting in the office waiting everyday and looking like this.

Work aside, we managed to spend my birthday eve in Awana Kijal Kemaman. I love the room muchie.. muchie..

And oh, I love my new top! I looked like a Barbie Doll...(tell me I am!) The colours made me so happie!

After chilling in the room for a while, we went to the beach for a short walk.

It was already quite late and we left in awhile, back room for shower and off for dinner in town.

That night, pie brought out a birthday cake and it's a short hair gurl. He made the cake himself and according to him, that resembles me -___-

My gaWd, where got same-same leh... me think me prettier, a lil' at least, hor?

12am, I officially turned 23. Say goodbye to my sweet 22, and NO. I did not get older, kept telling myself "I'm not a girl.... not yet a woman......" ha!

SMSes started beeping from 12:06am till the very next afternoon. Thanks for all ya wishes peepz~! And yala, I hope I'll grow old with grace.. Thx KJ.

Another blink of eye, I'm gonna be 24, then 25, then 26... (ok, stop counting!) Grow old, with grace. My new mantra wtf.

My 2nd sister shares the same birthday with me too! 2nd July but many many yearssss different. My mum is great!

Happy Birthday siao chabo! I still love you - sometimes =)


leksw said...

halo halo...sweet birthday huh... =)

c r y s t said...

halo halo...sweet holiday huh... =)

chouji said...

haha you are welcome.. if i remember correctly i wished you happy birthday, hope you always leng leng sui sui, free from pimples outbreak, and grow old with grace hor.. hahaha stay pwetty ya ;)

c r y s t said...

"free from pimples outbreak~!!" dun remind me!!! CHOIIII...~!!! may all the suey pimples go away...~!!!!

but tankiew anywayz... =)

Anonymous said...

how old is ur bf,girl?5yrs older than u?

c r y s t said...

yiks? why 5 dear? =( only a yr older thou.. =P