Saturday, June 30, 2007

Updating from far.

"A 40-seater bus.
6 hours plus journey.
The only Chinese.."

Halooooo Kemaman..~!! =D


leksw said...

waa...never let go any chance huh??next time ask pie buy u air ticket could he let u travel alone so far..??

shin said...

aiyah.. lek u will never understand the extra miles ppl are willing to go for their pies and muffins wan...

but seriously, consider getting flight ticket sometimes its cheaper but also mafan cos hav to travel to the airport.. so it depends too..


c r y s t said...

sheau: *hint him**hint him* la!! heheh... actually its not the travel duration that made me suffer, it's more like "oh-no-i-dun-wanna-be-the-only-chinese-in-da-bus"!!!

shin: yeah, gotta travel to da airport, its kinda troublesome.. but then i think since sheau suggested, i dun think she minds fetching me there..~!!