Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Tuesday going on Wednesday!

I felt so naked today!! o_O

365 days my tiny toe nails will be covered with cutex and now that they're NOT!! WuuUuuu... I felt so 'pure'...

Been so busy since this morning. Got so much to blog but it's 5:22pm now and I gotta rush to get back home later at 6pm SHARP.

The company mentioned 'punctuality', yeah now I'm punctual! *stares at boss*

My life is solely about work, work and work nowadays. All work and no play makes Cryst a dull girl. I'm a boring girl, yikes!

Longing for a long holiday again. Beep beep pls bring me far far away.....~ Please?? *teary eyed*

I was in Nichii yesterday after work for some retail therapy. So-called retail therapy, mainly to camwhore! Heh, that's how I pass my activity-less time..so sad, right?

I wonder if CUTE is in trend now, cos all the outfits are really cute! And made me felt like acting cute too -_- I'm 23 but doesn't mean I can no longer act cute ok? I think the first picture will qualify me for the upcoming Korean horror movie..

(oh! I looked like an idiot mannequin in the second pic!! Pronounce: I-D-I-O-T.)

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