Monday, July 30, 2007

I Love Bumble Bee!

I watched Transformers already! o_O

And it's good! o_O

I'm not a huge fan of action-packed movie. In fact, when my pie wanted to watch those kinda movies, I'd tell him to watch with his friends. BUT, omfg.. I actually liked Transformers!!!

I asked Kent G yesterday which Autobot he likes, expecting him to answer it's Bumble Bee (cos it's cute) but he told me it's Optimus Prime cos it's the Big Boss -_-" Darn, he made me felt so childish.. cos I liked Bumble Bee *oink**oink*

I was in Kuantan for the weekend, a very short journey indeed. But it's all worth it! =D

Us chilling in Teluk Chempedak, it was soooooo windy that day!

I ate so much durian there and today my fart still do smell like durian.. -_-" *opps* And also my hand smells like shit now.. *double opps*

And pie bought me SpongeBob!!

... which I had to stuck into my small bag and carried all the way back KL. But me likey likey likeeeeeeeyyyyy...!!! =D

Owh, and did I mentioned that I never feel sexy anymore eversince I cut my hair and walk by the beach? Cos I can never let my hair down again and let the wind blow through my hair. All I have is a broom-like crowning glory.

I'm getting a wig, wtf.


Vincent Cho said...

I like Optimus Prime too~ haha! =P

c r y s t said...

-_-" As long as not Megatron..!! lolz.. gaWd, can't believe I'm discussing abt Transformers!