Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kids these days are lucky.. agree?

So Kent G just turned 6 years old on the 8th last week. Time flies innit? Remember few years back I kept telling my friends about him coz apparently he's my FIRST nephew. First sure excited a bit la.. but now I have FIVE nephews and a niece already. *swt* And Kent G is now a big boy, who'll be attending primary school next year. And I'm no longer a young girl either -__-

Party was held in a kids centre in Great Eastern Mall last Saturday (forgot the name again). It was his third time having birthday party tell me he's lucky. Mountain of kids running around shouting and cheering, I'm too old for this already...

And again I was the photographer of the day. What to do, no husband no kids. I think I'm the most carefree one over there..

The clubbing room. -________________-" What happened to kids these days...

This is Kent G's bestie, Joseph. After all these years they still remain so close together. In case you're wondering why are they hugging are they gay, no. They're actually playing some sorta game where they need to stand of a small sheet of paper.

Other 2 nephews - Jayearn (my bro's production) and Xuenmin (my first sis's production).

Does this reminds you of your childhood!!! I loved playing limbo rock last time and I was so proud coz I used to play gymrama, so I could like arch really really low and made my friends go WAHHH!!!! o_O hehe Kids will always be kids ;)

So the magic word to enter the party room was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT G!!!!" The guy wearing yellow is really aggresive I think it seriously needs passion to work for kids. For me, I'll go *slap**slap*. Nola, just joking. Trust me I love kids..

Zent G (my another nephew - Kent G's brother) already got bored by then. So I decided to..

E.E. loves you... :D

Him returning my kiss! OMG We actually french kissed cos I can feel his tongue licking my lips when we kissed -______-"

Nice or not!!! Kent G drew this!! I mean as in my sis use Kent G's drawing to be printed on the cake la.. But tell me this is too cool for a 6 year old? ;)

Doing funny faces. I don't think my circle of friends were this big when I was 6 ;(

Happy family ;) Zent G looking bored..

HAHA I love this pic. Check out their expression.. LOL Zent G actually kicked the cake and Kent G was shocked!!

I love this game most ;) The birthday boy was forfeited to sit on the big parachute and his friends all held the side of the parachute and turned him round and round...

.. and then wrapped him up! :D I wanna have birthday party too this year!!!!!

I wanna wrapped all my friends up - like this.

So nice right!! :D

The magician who didn't look like a magician at all. Coz from the way he dressed I might think he's a salesman -___- I prefer magician to be dressed like a clown though but nevertheless, he didn't really win hearts of those kids.

Sponge balls kept popping out from his mouth -_-"

The only pic of me. Was sitting down by the side since I'm all adult.

Why is kids these days so lucky? I always heard my nephew attending this party and that party and I have no parties to attend at all ;( Please turn back time and let me enjoy my childhood once again.. eh? did I ever have childhood??

I think he likes..

*opps* Sorry.


shasha said...

so overwhelmed with feelings la (happy ones) when i see all these pics.. kids these days - their lives are really different! clubbing room! hahah! O_o and the parachute wrapping friends up thing is sooooo nice!!

all your nephews are so cute lah ;) good genes :P

revel in me said...

HAHAHHA clubbing room!! Haih why are they so hip. T__T

What's the name of the kids' center! Next year I ma having my b'day party there wtf.

And your nephew's drawing is damn damn damn good! <333

Esther said...

Zent G is SSSSSSOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c r y s t said...

shasha: HAHA yala kids these days are totally different. They made me feel old... T___T At young age they're taught how to club already -___- world changed.

revel in me: I also want celebrate my birthday there!! So nice right! And even the toilets are meant for kids coz when I went in everything so smell I felt like a giant. Even the door I need to bend down to open T___T

And ya, Kent G very good in this drawing. He drew all our prime ministers before o_O

esther: Eh make one laa!! :P

leksw said...

ehh.. kent g very big boy already ehh.. a lil 'man'.. haha..lucky him la, birthday party every year... kids nowadays.. =D

c r y s t said...

leksw: big boy adii right! been like 5 years since u last saw him right! HAHA reminding you're also 5 years older already :P