Monday, June 9, 2008

Palate Palette

Very short update coz I have stuff to clear on desk and need to get this up as I don't wanna drag Kent G's big day and Baboobeep's update tomorrow!

So yesterday I think luck was by my side coz I finally (read: finally!!) got the chance to go junkyard sales!! :D :D :D Very rare chance ok coz each time it's either I won't be in town or had something coming up very last minute T_T Wah I tell you this time I really go search for the map and asked my collegue for direction few days back before the sales..

So on that very day went to fetch Shin from her hommie and Winnie who just got back from Singapore decided to join as well. This is the first time she heard of junkyard thingie and kept asking us what's that. HAHA Winnie, hard to explain la.. JUNK lor! And so, the three blur girls went all the way down to somewhere neither of us familiar with.

Petrol price increased and yet we're sorta lost T____T And finally we found the place!! It's not that hard to find anyway and small little credit to both Shin's pie and my pie :D

Remix Junkyard Sale in Palate Palette!

(pic credit to Mustardqueen)

I did not snap much pic coz it's like so damn crowded I can even move! So planned to steal pics from people's blog but seemed like so far only Mustardqueen had updated.

OMG I love cheap stuff! ;)

But I just hate digging. Many vendor just dumped all their treasures into boxes where we need to dig dig and dig. Wah!! No place to stand also how you expect me to dig la!!

Tired, exhausted and satisfied, we proceeded to Bangsar. *opps!*

In McD - coz we're all stingy and don't wanna waste money on food -_-

I love this dress but it's kinda transparent so I snapped hell lotsa pics hoping to get my mum to tailormade one for me.. teehee~ :P

This is what happened when I have nothing to buy and no motivation in life..

Did not take much pics and recently I realized my life doesn't revolves around camera anymore. Am I getting old already!! T__T Shit laa..

Some treasures I found.

Bought this coz at first I thought there were only stalls downstairs and after some digging I found this only piece that I like. After making the payment, the vendor told me there're still some stalls upstairs wtf. But when I tried it on at home, it fits so well and I'm loving it ;)

This is so colourful and what's more, I love birds!!! :D and monkeys.. coz they remind me of the bf. Got story laa.. :P

I've been looking for grey gingham like this for ages. But I would prefer to get skirt with prints like this thou. OMG does this reminds you of the pumps I got from Spore lately!!

Winnie found this :D And it comes with a long cord too!! Brightens up any outfit - imagine me wearing that birdy halter and carry this! WHOA! I love you Winnieeee!!!! ;)

Upon reaching home I found a small mirror inside. Not sure if it comes as a free gift or the vendor accidentally put it in -___- But it's damn ugleee..

This looks more tan in actual. And looks better if I stuff more things inside but then the cord is like so fragile! Could use it as an oversized clutch anyway ;) Absolute love...

Am so looking forward for next junkyard sales this coming 28th OMG hopefully I'm lucky enough. But eh, my short update isn't very short also. Back to work!


leksw said...

orh.. the grey gingham is nice.. liking too..wuhuhu~~are those all from the junkyard sale or bangsar??

c r y s t said...

leksw: all from junkyard sale.. i like the green bag winnie dig for me!!! ;) absolute love..

theethee said...

the transparent dress is kinda nice.. from junkyard sale? expensive ahh?

c r y s t said...

theethee: owh, not fr the junkyard.. its fr a boutique in bangsar! but ain't sure the price ;(

wardrobeboom said...

i like ur gingham dress n the green beg.....:)

hahijaw said...

where was the junkyard sale?

c r y s t said...

wardrobeboom: yeah, i love the green bag most! ;)

hahijaw: it was in Palate Palatte dear..somewhere near Imbi!