Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scheduled trip

So, the plan to Teluk Chempedak with old schoolmates had been called off the very last minute ;( Reason being the hotels were all fully booked due to school holidays and staying at respective 'family' house doesn't sound fun. So plan has been postponed.

And yet I did went to Kuantan by myself as I've already bought bus ticket. Initial plan was the 3 girls going on Saturday after work and me going by myself on Friday so I could spend some time with the boyfy before they arrive. And so ended up weekend spent with my another half again ;)

Colourful happy me! ;) Nothing much to do but just chilling around as usual. Went to one of the cafe (I forgot the name as usual) and they claimed that they serve food from paradise which are available on earth -___-

And so we ordered Panda Smile! :) :) :)

So cute right? ;)

My panda! HAHAHA!!! ;) *pinch*

And when the actual thing came, it looked like this:

-_________- Not. really. smiling.

The cream melted and the panda turned out so horrible! HAHA I shall name it dead panda instead.

To Teluk Chempedak again in the evening. Yala I know my life so boring every week also blog about my weekend in Teluk Chempedak one but omg I love beach one k!!! If trip with oldmates still on I might be posting up pics of me sunbathing in my bikini already.. The boyfriend hates sun T__T

I looked so happy ;) It was so crowded due to school holiday I felt like I'm in Phuket already. But no girls in bikini walking around, just tees or maybe saree and baju kurung-lah.

Just because I looked so fair here :P

I was wearing sandals and the boyfriend as usual wore sneakers to the beach! Where got people wear sneakers to beach eh! I kept kicking all the sand into his sneakers.. HAHA

KNN.. he so tulan already.. HAHAHAHA

And later he brought me over for this famous lin chi kang. I've been going to Kuantan for like almost 4 years already since I dated him and only now he asked me "Eh? I've never bring you there mehh???" ;(

Yala, you've never bring me there before... do you still love me! T_T

Got egg inside somemore.. -___-"

That night we went for movie and later on a man walked in and sat beside the boyfriend with his daughter and the funniest part was.. he told his daughter to call the boyfriend 'uncle' and call me 'cece'! HAHAHAHAA!!!! What is this you tell me! Am I being too young or him being too old?!!

I went movie with my daddy! HAHA!


leksw said...

ehh.. the panda smile really cham la..and i like the part where you keep on pouring sand into his

leksw said...

one more, i thought everything sudah confirm one? hotel booked.. how come suddenly like that? they walk you to another hotel arr? luckily i didn't go la..

c r y s t said...

leksw: HAHA yala told him so many times not to wear his sneakers d he dowan to listen..

and oh, booked the hotel but they actually put us under waiting list and on that very day they called and told us fully booked :( geram sial~ ahaa if u come can stay with me and the pie ma :P

leksw said...

nola.. if i really go, sure become spotlight and your pie sure hate me kao kao.. i takut la.. your pie bo kan tan urh...haha

c r y s t said...

leksw: me pie is a good guy ok T__T