Friday, June 13, 2008

I love my skirt!

Look what I've found!!

The cutting is fabulous! :D I could wear it for both work and play. Glam up a little and it's awesome for dinner as well! :D The price? HAHA Don't ask. Such a steal!

While tidying up my drawer the other day, I found these..

OMG how can I forgot all about it!! Gems I found when I was back to hometown few months back...

Thinking of a way to make good use of it ;)


leksw said...

whoa..syok la..can be so casual for work..

mustardqueen said...

OMG!!! THE BUTTONS BROOCHES EVERYTHING SO CHIO~~~ *FLY KISS* hahaha I think I wanna dig my mom's drawer already *evil grin* hahaha

Shwea Ling said...

such a lovely skirt babe! how are ya?!

c r y s t said...

leksw: change job la!! my department got vacancy! :P

mustardqueen: HAHAH!! DAMN CHIO RIGHT! I heard the song hallellujah in the backgorund when i found these! LOL But dunno what to do with it, yet.

shwealing: OMG! u're back in the cyberworld!! I MISS U!!!