Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh! Ah!

Nola, not moaning. :P

I was so excited when I saw the address the other day - Sri Petaling! Ohmybloodygawd finally a place I'm damn familiar with ;) So alone, I drove all the way there for Oh and Ah Summer at Home sales. Damn awkward k coz when I finally found the house (yea, it's a terrace house funny right!), I don't see the crowd and there's no signage. I pressed on the door bell and a lady came out.

"Erm.. is this.. oh? and ah?", I asked -___-

"Yaya! Come in!!"

Fuh~ Wondering why they came up this this kinda name.. just like people asking me why am I naming my e-boutique Baboobeep..

Nothing much downstairs and most were home decor and stationaries kinda thing. I proceeded straight up to the first floor.

Array of clothes, accessories, etc etc.. This little room is where they placed all the things. Yes, everything in this little room.

Waist cinchers, scarfs, and some other accessories on the bed. You read it right. There was a bed in the room omg. I also wanna start a sale in my room already!!

More accossories like clutches, colourful earrings, big button rings, etc..

Closer shot:

And this side of the wall was definately my favourite.. ;)

The necklaces all damn gorgeous!!!! And damn pricey!!!! T_______T Why best things must be expensive???? Don't have good and cheap one mehh!!

When there's no one in the room..

Proceeded to the changing room next door..

This drawstring dress is love ;) Pardon my pose coz seriously they placed the mirror like damn low.. Back to this dress, tell me it's gorgeous! Spotted nothing fancy to compliment?


Colourful star-prints!!!!! Awww!!! I can imagine myself wearing this with colourful bangles!

I know what you're thinking.. SURE got buy laa.. :P

Now you can understand how difficult it was to take a standing shot. The mirror damn low can! And this outfit seriously... is my another love and I'm inspired by:

Bamboo Stereo ;) OMG I love everything from Bamboo Stereo but figure out the shipping fee from Aussie gonna cost a bomb, I've never buy anything from them before but I did save some pics of those outfits I'm salivating over. And this blue skirt is definately something I'm dying for..

And so I bought these. Quite similiar right? ;) And oh!!!! I just sold my silver suspender!! T_________T I went back to the same boutique to get another one just now wtf, and they told me it's out of stock for quite some time already! T____T ARGh!!!! Damn frust!! Why did I sell it at the first place!!! Can you sell it back to me? I promise I won't ask for discount ;(


Moving on to some other purchases..

Vintagey gold bangle, wooden THUNDERSTORM necklace (omg! tell me it's cute!) and check out the gold cat brooch! It has a diamond eye mind you!

I knew I posted too much of my purchases lately but how can I not share all this gorgeous stuff! ;)

And look, their custom-made environmental friendly bag.

I love the interior inside the house. Drink was served and I felt so at home. Love their new concept and according to them, they actually source their stuff everywhere and lots were handmade so the next sale will prolly be in the next 2 - 3 months ahead.

And I'll definately be the first one in the queue ;)

Oh, I tried Shawn Cutler today! After 2 years of visiting Josdan religiously, I finally made a change! Yeah, I actually went to Josdan earlier today, had an appointment but something unpleasant happened so I swear to myself I'll never go back. I'm extremely concern about customer service, so yeah, he just lost a loyal customer.


wardrobeboom said...

aw...that THUNDERSTORM necklace look so it.... mind tellnig me that cost how much ya ... :)


leksw said...

wow~~ darn keng wehh... like that also can start business.. good one.. haha =)

c r y s t said...

wardrobeboom: cute innit! ;) this one is cheaper compared to the rest, priced at RM29.90..

leksw: haha yala, i was amazed also, u can start a sale with est in yr living room eh!

Anggie's Journal said...

Hi ....i m first time here.. kind of like ur blog lei, cos able to get some idea of ur fashion sense and also get to know some of the e-shopping/shops review from u :)
thanks for sharing ....

c r y s t said...

anggie's journal: hi dear thanks for dropping by ;) awww, i'm flattered!! glad u like it here ;)

Esther said...

I like the dress u nice....

c r y s t said...

esther: so starry right! :P

Just said...

when we meet up next time you must dress nice-nice okay! deal?

plain.jane said...

pretty buys...
Is the boutique temp / permanent? in a house :O
btw i saw u in bangsar shopping on the LapSap/Palatte day

c r y s t said...

just: me dress up like a princess wokay!! HAHA but when r u coming back!!! T__T

plain.jane: haha it's not really a boutique.. they told me normal days they used the house as their office.. uhm, i dunno.. it's too complicated..LOL eh! why didn't you call me!

plain.jane said...

:S paisheh... haha i jz stumbled upon yr blog after Lapsap day.. u looked great esp with that nice yellow top :)

c r y s t said...

plain.jane: thank u!! ;) did u went that lapsap also!! remember to say hie if u bump on me next time k!! :D

plain.jane said...

okies.. btw are u going to urbanscapes?

c r y s t said...

plain-jane: uhm nope :( am too lazy to go that far and furthermore ain't quite sure the direction.. u going dear? have fun!! ;)

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