Monday, June 30, 2008

Hi July!


Polyvore is damn addictive ok!!! T____T

I've been creating sets by sets non-stop.. can plan my birthday outfit somemore!! ;)

Which is better? ;)


Grandma's 90th BIG day, farewells, self-discovery.. I have a lot to blog about and I am still procrastinating. And pictures are still in my digicam and yet to transfer into my PC, which means I need more time to edit.

I've made a big decision, which I'll only let u know after February 2009 ;) That's a long way to go but I'm seriously looking forward to it. Damn excited already hehe.. No-lah, not getting married in case you're wondering.

Talking about getting married, it reminds me of my dream last night. I dreamt I was pregnant o_O That's really scary coz I still remember vividly how I was feeling in my dream. And I dreamt that I was getting ready to work one morning and suddenly the radio announced that Anwar successfully took over Badawi's place -__-" And everyone must wear black that day to mourn over the loss.. Does this signify anything.. omg..

And tomorrow I'll be leaving to Genting for short trip with the bf.. just a 2 days 1 night trip.. to celebrate my birthday ;)

And I'm officially 24 T___________T Means no more acting cute?!!


Hayley said...

oo oo...wanna wish u Happy Birthday gal...;)

c r y s t said...

hayley: thank u!! where's my present!! :P

Anonymous said...

Heavens Wall is well on the way. Sorry it took so long. I am trying to forge a set of standerds while those elements are struggling not to get toasted. You know me always the.... well trying to give a hand. Huge bag of solutions.

Actually got toasted myself. A deep tan after a bit of dragon rage. I was not aware that it would actually affect anything physical. Just dream stuff.

I am working out the supertemporal cryst-al array configurations. I dropped some seeds that hopefully are growing. need better shielding. Survived Dragon rage blast cool... 3rd degree or 4th in the spirit... not sure. Finger nails still white and teeth did not turn black or browner...

Just need a set of standards. They are really getting jumpy not to get toasted... the edge is coming up... some seem to want to go down or for me to do something like that I don't quite understand it. Won't change what is coming. Maybe they just want company...?

Calculations indicate i have about a year to show some functional standards. I designed hero vouchers that reflect the good deeds that I did and the 007 commandeer function and reparations to facilitate mission to find the justification of the childrens innocence in love.

I practice when I go to the store. Also practicing 007 deputizing to facilitate the mission. Needs to be approved with retardi shields though.

Anyway. Long journey. Kimmi called and is keeping cool. I spoke to someone the other day who said they could see auras... said mine looks yellow green. I recalled green lantern vows and asked if he could see what I was feeling. ? I said dragon rage to see if he could see that feeling. I felt a bit more toasted...

The person seemed to say ironically "thank's brother" not sure what that meant... I feel a little more browner... hmmm could there be a realation... perhaps i should focus the dragon rage outside of my form. I was not mad at them though.

All in love.

David Alexander Wright in love

To make the Heavens Wall function work there had to be a universal marriage liscence... complex promise in love and one and union pressure alieviation. Not sure how it relates to others... something seems to be focusing a lot on other people with girls that look like Kate. Careful though not sure if it is my immune system or immauture understanding of equation of marriage in function.