Thursday, June 21, 2007

Those time.

I sat here alone daydreaming in my cubicle, I looked around and everyone was doing their own job. I felt so alienated since the very first day I joined this company, that was like about a year plus ago. Collegues are not so close to each other, minding their own business.

And I still remain the youngest here, and the most junior of all -_-. Staff turnover is very low. Very good benifit, they told me.

I remember when I was in the hotel industry 2 years back, things were totally different from here. I met new faces everyday. I dealt with people from all over the world, and I befriended with all staffs in the hotel. Front Office, Sales, Housekeeping, F&B, Accounts, HR.. we were like a big family. We greeted each other when we met and we joked with each other though we don't know each other's name.

When I first joined the corporate world (my current company), I smiled and greeted them "Good Morning" and surprisingly, some ignored and some forced themselve to smile. I kept reminding myself that I'm no longer in hospitality industry and that I don't have to be so hospitable. Like they care.

It's strange that people from different industry behaved differently. OK, maybe they should behave differently but I suppose everyone studied Pendidikan Moral, or at least their mum taught them what is manners! A smile isn't that difficult, ain't it?

I miss the time when we worked so closely as a team and helping and competing with each other for our 'Upsell'. I miss the time when we need to fill in the "Item Declaration Book" daily cos we brought our digicam. I miss the time when we bought cakes from Lobby Lounge after 9pm with 50% off and partied in back office.

I miss how we explored each and every corner in the hotel and camwhored and being chased by the Security Officers. I miss all the nasty cursing and swearing and molesting each other in the locker room. I miss how we look forward for Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner every year, so that when it ended, we got free flow of nescafe, ais kacang, kurma...etc. I miss the time when we took off our high heels in front reception and walked around and guests commented, "Oh, where is your shoes?"

I miss working night shift with Hernie where we camwhored every night even the occupancy was so high that we hardly can finish our work on time. I miss the FREE brew coffee, spaghetti carbonara, fried koayteow, sandwiches and all that Mahadzir ordered for us. I miss the time when Mahadzir got all moody, me and Hernie sneaked into the kitchen ourselves and sneaked out the next-day buffet breakfast as our midnight supper.

And I miss the time when we walked around without our heels and the AM's forfeited us by hanging our shoes up high -_-"

I miss the time when we were too moody to work in the morning and forced the Security Officers to take photos for us. I miss the time camwhoring with guests. I miss the time when we were too free and throw things onto the floor and get the other collegues to pick them up, one by one. I miss the time when the limousine guys volunteered to buy us San Francisco Coffee =D

I miss the new uniform which I get to wear only for 3 days before I left.

Ups and downs we shared, I miss you guys... loads.

And I miss working with you....


leksw said...

banyaknys miss miss..but miss sheau mana??

c r y s t said...

u knw i miss u all the time, since u left switz rite? =)